November’s Table of Contents

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Welcome back to Every Day Fiction for yet another month of fine literature. Word is slowly getting out there about this venture, and there have been EDF sightings all over the web. As our reputation for printing top quality fiction grows, we’re seeing better and better stories, and that means more excitement, more drama, and best of all, more fine fiction!

This November, EDF will be welcoming back some familiar faces, including Sarah Hilary, Ed Morawski, and Jeanne Holtzman, but we also have some absolutely stand-out fiction from EDF newcomers such as Michael Ehart and Hal Houser. November is also a time for remembering the sacrfices made by our veterans, and as a tribute to them, EDF will be running a special set of four stories around Remembrance Day (Veterans Day in the USA) from November 9th to 12th. We will also be featuring an interview on November 15th with October’s most-read author.

If you’d like to discuss your favourite stories of October, we’ve started a thread in our forums where you can share your opinions.

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It’s been a fantastic couple of months for us. We now have over 800 daily subscribers…. but we’d like to be at 1600. How can you help get the word out about EDF? If you blog or have a personal webpage, please consider mentioning us–if you’re not sure what to say, just copy the following text and paste it–any place where people will see it and come to our site!

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I've been reading Every Day Fiction, a magazine that publishes <a href="">short stories</a> that I can read in a single sitting. The great thing about EDF is that their stories are sorted by genre so I can always find something that fits my mood. Why not check it out?
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November’s Table of Contents

Nov 1 Lily Thomas Eight For Dying
Nov 2 Mark Harding xIin
Nov 3 James Bloomer Alone
Nov 4 Tommy B. Smith The Edge of the Sky
Nov 5 KJ Kabza Flow
Nov 6 Katherine Shaw Bad Luck
Nov 7 Jo Rhett Reality Fails
Nov 8 Joseph Riippi Views
Nov 9 Harley Crowley Good Neighbor
Nov 10 Kate Thornton Veterans
Nov 11 Oonah V Joslin The Brave
Nov 12 Ed Morawski Vietnam Adventure
Nov 13 Deven D Atkinson The Journey
Nov 14 Suanne Warr Storm’s Rising
Nov 15 John Weagly In Lieu of Crimson Roses
Nov 16 Michael D. Turner Happy Landings
Nov 17 Michael Ehart Who Comes for the Mother’s Fruit
Nov 18 John Raybould Tick Tock
Nov 19 Frank Roger The Test Of Time
Nov 20 Sarah Hilary Waiting room
Nov 21 Hal Houser My Shark, My Brother
Nov 22 Mike Whitney Harry’s Hair
Nov 23 Donna Johnson Watching Fish
Nov 24 Tania Hershman Go Away
Nov 25 Jefferson Navicky Ninja
Nov 26 Jens Rushing Socks and Banshees
Nov 27 Resha Caner Dialogue
Nov 28 John Ritchie I Take It Back
Nov 29 Jeanne Holtzman Ronnie Angel
Nov 30 Tom Pollock The Chair, Again
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