November’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

It’s been great to see support slowly building through Patreon over the past month, and we’re hoping to see that momentum continue through November. It truly doesn’t take much to support EDF and other great magazines and creative endeavours; a dollar a month is less than you’d spend on a cup of coffee, you can hardly get a pack of gum for it, and yet when our readers gather together in support, those dollars can add up to great things. Check out Patreon and please give us your support.

I’d also like to take a moment to express my appreciation for our wonderful community of readers, especially those who comment on the stories and chat with us on social media and generally make EDF such an interesting and unique place to hang out. We know things can get a little spiky when you disagree amongst yourselves, but by and large it’s impressive how our community can debate stories’ merits and the general direction of the magazine without descending into the internet’s usual mess of ad hominem attacks and pettiness. I’m thankful for the presence and participation of every one of you. Love you all!

For Readers

In honour of Remembrance Day and Veterans Day on November 11th, we’re featuring “Silence of the Somme” by Jon Tyktor. As he mentioned in a note with his submission, the First World War centenary is now underway.

For Thanksgiving in the United States, on November 27th, we have Douglas Campbell‘s story “Uncle Ruckus” — who doesn’t have that one awkward relative at family holidays?

It’s great to welcome some EDF favourites back to our table of contents this month, and also to welcome some new voices to our magazine.

For Writers

We still need Christmas and Hanukkah stories, Yule, Midwinter, New Year’s Eve, and more. Summon up some inspiration and send us a December-themed story — just be sure to mark it “Targeted” when you submit so that we can be sure of finding it.

Our editorial team has grown again: we’re pleased to welcome slush readers Melissa Reynolds and Tiana Rapley aboard.

But the most important thing is the list of stories coming up this month…

November’s Table of Contents

Nov 1 Robert Dawson As We Grow Older
Nov 2 Katie Stevens The Offering
Nov 3 Michelle Duy My Amazing Psychic
Nov 4 Alice Brook My Lover’s Skin
Nov 5 Barbara A. Barnett Les Arbres Morts
Nov 6 Austin Eichelberger The Dance of a Thousand Hands
Nov 7 Carl Steiger The Face on the Bathroom Floor
Nov 8 Chris Sharp Conditioned Surrender
Nov 9 Kelsey Snyder Used Time Machine for Sale
Nov 10 Walt Giersbach Brand Management in an Age of Anxiety
Nov 11 Jon Tyktor Silence of the Somme
Nov 12 Deven D Atkinson 5 Seconds
Nov 13 Edward Ashton Tell Me
Nov 14 Peter Wood Facing the Music
Nov 15 William C. Friskey Love Letters
Nov 16 Samantha Kymmell-Harvey The Shadow of Her Touch
Nov 17 J. W. Shumate Ogling Jeremy Anderson
Nov 18 Austin Eichelberger On Measuring Time
Nov 19 Christopher Owen A Drinking Tale
Nov 20 Sarah Crysl Akhtar When Aziza’s Voice Lifted
Nov 21 Jamie McKittrick A Perfect Murder
Nov 22 Sarah Sotan Shooting Stars
Nov 23 Robertson Klaingar Hook, line, and sink.
Nov 24 Sean Jones Interview with the Van Buyer
Nov 25 Ann Ormsby Opening Night
Nov 26 Gerald Warfield I Remove My Fingernail Sheaths Before Feasting
Nov 27 Douglas Campbell Uncle Ruckus
Nov 28 Jeff Nazzaro Brown Chicken, Brown Cow
Nov 29 Angela Hui Birthday Girl
Nov 30 Jeff Switt Going Nowhere
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