November’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

As we move from pumpkins to poppies, we’ve got moving on our minds.

Yes, it’s time for Every Day Fiction to change web hosts once again. We’ve been talking about this with webmaster Steven Smethurst for a while, partly for economic reasons — there are hosting plans with more resources and better rates than what we’ve currently got — and partly for technical reasons, to improve your EDF experience. However, while a move was definitely on our radar, it has been pushed up a bit by the news that MediaTemple was acquired by GoDaddy. With that in mind, we decided that we want to be settled in our new (server) home before the holidays, so we’ll be closed for the move on the weekend of November 23rd and 24th. We can’t be sure how long the site will be completely unavailable during the transfer, so we’re not scheduling stories on those two days, and the submission system will be closed for that weekend as well.

Thank you for your patience as we make this change.

Also, happy birthday to our sister magazine Every Day Poets, celebrating five years of publication today.

For Readers

For Veterans Day / Remembrance Day / Armistice Day, we’re featuring “Two Veterans” by JR Hume on November 11th. We’re fortunate to have a story that touches so perfectly on a day that is poignant for many.

We did not receive any specifically Thanksgiving-themed submissions, but Lori Schafer‘s story “Fluffy Robes and Slippers” is about relationships and having company, and delivers the right sort of message for a holiday that brings families together, so we’ll be sharing it with you on November 28th in honour of the holiday.

For Writers

We want your winter holiday submissions!

We’re already seeing a few Christmas stories, but we’d be happy to have more, and it would also be nice to feel a little diversity in our incoming stories. What do you celebrate in the winter? Winter solstice? Hanukkah? Kwanzaa? St. Lucia’s Day? Dongzhi Festival? Hogmanay? We have readers and authors around the world, and we’d love to get some stories to reflect that.

We’re also on the lookout for the perfect New Year’s Eve story, and its equally perfect counterpart for New Year’s Day — resolutions, celebrations, silly humour or thoughtful reflection, champagne, fireworks, togetherness or loneliness, we’re open to anything…

Please have anything for December’s calendar in by November 26th at the latest, and don’t forget to mark your submissions Targeted so they don’t get missed!

And now, here’s what you can expect in the month coming up…

November’s Table of Contents

Nov 1 LB Thomas Dr. Qwig’s School of Dark Science
Nov 2 Charlie Britten Light My Fire
Nov 3 Kevin D Humphries Buried
Nov 4 Amy R. Biddle Pond King
Nov 5 Beth Cato Frail Men of Metal and Bone
Nov 6 Carl Steiger The Man Named Luis
Nov 7 Haley Isleib Red Retold
Nov 8 Yuliya The Last Body
Nov 9 Katherine Hart Dude
Nov 10 Dart Humeston Powerball
Nov 11 JR Hume Two Veterans
Nov 12 Dale Ivan Smith Coffee Shop Crisis
Nov 13 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Stoberhund
Nov 14 Nanci Schwartz Graduation
Nov 15 Christopher Owen The Whelp
Nov 16 Courtney England Tides
Nov 17 Lyndon Perry Possibly His Last Exorcism
Nov 18 Ramon Rozas III “Said the Spyder to the Fly…”
Nov 19 Todd Thorne Scents
Nov 20 L.A. Fields Big To Small
Nov 21 Suzanne Conboy-Hill No Animals Were Harmed …
Nov 22 Aaron Polson Digging Deep
Nov 23 no story — moving day
Nov 24 no story — moving day
Nov 25 Jonathan Pinnock The Alternative Electrician
Nov 26 K. A. Mielke Unsportsmanlike
Nov 27 Kristine Dukes Sometimes You Just Have to Ask
Nov 28 Lori Schafer Fluffy Robes and Slippers
Nov 29 Tricia Orr Shot Through with Light
Nov 30 Carin Marais A Fair Trade
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