November’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

Our thoughts are with everyone who was in Hurricane Sandy’s path.

On a lighter note, here are some impressive figures for you: editor Joseph Kaufman has now read and commented on over 3000 stories for EDF, and editor John Towler has passed 3500. Editorial assistant Rose Gardener has reached 1800. I’ve got to say, I’m impressed! And no one’s getting paid here; that’s countless hours volunteered to keep EDF running. So I’m taking this moment to publicly show my appreciation for all that my team does — all of them — but in particular I’m giving these stars some recognition for their extreme commitment.

Also in the warm fuzzies department: today is Every Day Poets‘ 4th Birthday! If you have a moment, pop over there to read a poem and leave some good wishes.

Finally, congratulations to EDF Executive Editor Jordan Ellinger and Team Failure, which won the Bloodshots Canada 2012 Jury Award for Best Film for “Tender Threads”. Team Failure also includes our webmaster Steven Smethurst, and director Andrew LeBlanc is the author of the very first story EDF published back in 2007. So we are very proud.

For Readers

For Remembrance Day / Veterans Day / Armistice Day on November 11th, we have “The Last Fanatics” by Douglas Campbell.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a specifically Thanksgiving-themed piece for Americans on November 22nd, but we hope that Tina Wayland‘s “His Good Wife” will remind you to be grateful for what your loved ones do for you.

Canadians who plan to be watching the Grey Cup football game on November 25th may also enjoy “The Big Game” by Greg Chase.

For Writers

The bad news is that we’re losing a couple of team members here at EDF — slush reader Dale Rappaneau and editorial assistant Aliza Greenblatt are moving on to other things — and we’re going to miss them. Thank you very much, Aliza and Dale, it’s been great having you with us! The good news is that we now have a couple of openings for volunteers, so if you’ve ever wanted to see how EDF works from the inside, click here for a job description and how to apply.

We are now looking for Christmas / Hanukkah / Winter Solstice stories and any other seasonal tales you can think of, and then we need something really special for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day…

November’s Table of Contents

Nov 1 Vaidehi Souvenir
Nov 2 Dustin Adams The Gift
Nov 3 Rheea Mukherjee Small Adjustments
Nov 4 Wilma Bernard Vegetarian
Nov 5 Davian Aw We Won’t Be Right Back
Nov 6 Ed Kratz The Hunter
Nov 7 Sean Jones Edge Work
Nov 8 Jennifer Campbell-Hicks Caged
Nov 9 Beth Cato Pigeons in Heaven
Nov 10 Carol Folsom The Recital
Nov 11 Douglas Campbell The Last Fanatics
Nov 12 Clint Wastling The Reluctant Poet
Nov 13 Kat Otis Damsels and Distress
Nov 14 Peter Tupper Consuming Art
Nov 15 Camille Griep My Girl
Nov 16 MaryAlice Meli Wall Walkers
Nov 17 Ev Bishop The Picture Book
Nov 18 Maureen Wilkinson Every Year the Circus Comes
Nov 19 Rohini Gupta A Muse’s Tale
Nov 20 Emily C. Skaftun Like Braces for Broken Teeth
Nov 21 Patrick McCarty The Rails
Nov 22 Tina Wayland His Good Wife
Nov 23 Ken Elkes Knowledge
Nov 24 Meagan Noel Hart Bequest
Nov 25 Greg Chase The Big Game
Nov 26 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Sell Yourself Short
Nov 27 Craig Fishbane A Blessing for Brothers
Nov 28 Erin Cole The Dream Depot
Nov 29 Jennifer Delisle How the Day Was
Nov 30 Arthur Lorenz The Manticore
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