November’s Table of Contents

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Here we are, heading into November, well into our fifth year of publication and still working hard to bring you a fresh piece of flash fiction every single day.

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For Readers

This month, for Remembrance Day / Veterans Day / Armistice Day on November 11th, we bring you Douglas Campbell‘s “Your Luckiest Day”.

Then, our US readers will be celebrating Thanksgiving on November 24th, and for that day we have selected “Dinner Plans” by Ruth Schiffmann.

Also, you may or may not know that each month, our craft blogzine Flash Fiction Chronicles publishes an interview with the author of the top-rated story for the previous month. Since it’s been brought to our attention that many of our readers don’t even know that this cool feature exists, never mind how or where to find it, we’ve added a page with easy links to all of our author interviews. You can see it in the sidebar underneath Top Stories, or just get the links to the author interviews here.

For Writers

There’s still time to get your winter holiday stories in — Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Yule, Hogmanay, skiing trips and snowball fights, ringing in the New Year, resolutions, holiday parties, holiday humour and holiday disasters… — just make sure you mark them Targeted so they arrive in the right place in our online system!

November’s Table of Contents

Nov 1 J. Chris Lawrence A Good Use
Nov 2 JR Hume The Last Accounting
Nov 3 Patrick Perkins Pinky
Nov 4 Angela Neal Looking for the Big Bad Wolf
Nov 5 Patsy Collins Extra Gran
Nov 6 Christopher Owen Nikki Comes Home
Nov 7 Katie Pugh A Kind of Magic
Nov 8 Jen Brubacher Every Sunday
Nov 9 Andrea M. Pawley Winter Smoke
Nov 10 Josie Gowler Every Painting Tells A Story
Nov 11 Douglas Campbell Your Luckiest Day
Nov 12 Tom Hoisington His n’ Hers
Nov 13 Nicole Dunaway The Gun
Nov 14 Shawna Mayer Perma-Glow
Nov 15 Izzy David “Now I Am Become Death”
Nov 16 Neha Puntambekar The Grainy Video
Nov 17 Paul Miller The Sword of Many Names
Nov 18 Krista Diamond God Takes Care of Himself
Nov 19 Scott W. Baker ZFL
Nov 20 Dee Streiner Bubble Girl
Nov 21 Luc Reid Keeping an Eye Out for the Time Police Regardless
Nov 22 Michael Peralta 26
Nov 23 Erica L. Davis Pinstripes
Nov 24 Ruth Schiffmann Dinner Plans
Nov 25 Nisha Coleman He Would Wear Sweatpants
Nov 26 Frank Grigonis Not Everything Survives
Nov 27 Tim Sevenhuysen Yesterday’s House
Nov 28 Frank Zubek Just A Theory
Nov 29 Divya Raghavan Bulletproof
Nov 30 Allison Light The Erasing Office


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