November’s Table of Contents

From The Editors

We’re into that time of year here where the days are getting shorter as the weather gets chillier and (at least in the Pacific Northwest) wetter, and while it isn’t ideal for outdoor adventures, it’s perfect for reading (or writing). Our most-read stories over the past month were archived ones: “Darren Is Updating His Facebook Status” by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley, followed by “Tears of the Android” by JR Hume. Of the stories published in the past 30 days, the most-read was “The Girl on the Beach” by Ben Langdon.

It’s also a good time for listening; our podcasts are in the queue for approval to be available for download on iTunes.

And if you’re in the mood for a poem or two, check out Every Day Poets — they are celebrating their second birthday tomorrow, November 1st. The most-read poem at EDP last month was “Packet with Instructions on it Sonnet” by Nicky Phillips.

For Readers

This month, in honour of Remembrance Day / Veterans’ Day, we are featuring “Hero” by Henry Lara on the 11th. Then, toward the end of the month, we have “Turkey Shoot” by Jackie Jernigan to mark Thanksgiving in the United States on the 25th.

We’re hard at work making selections for our third anthology, and you can help us out by nominating your favourite stories from our third year HERE.

For Writers

We are pleased to announce that Aliza Greenblatt has joined our team of slush readers. Since unfortunately Adrienne Bard was not able to stay with us due to other commitments, we still have room for one or two more — and because of a minor email disaster last month, if you recently applied as a slush reader and did not get a response, please send your application again as it may not have been received!

Seasonal stories are important to us! We are actively looking for December holiday stories (Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, or whatever else you celebrate) and we’re also particularly seeking a couple of special pieces for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Get those in to us as soon as possible, and remember to mark them targeted to the occasion so we don’t miss them.

A note to our flash fiction writers who are also poets: Every Day Poets needs more submissions, and they are looking for seasonal pieces too.

Don’t forget to keep up with Flash Fiction Chronicles — if you’ve been missing out, consider starting with the top three posts of the last month: Giving Context to Structure, Do you start at the beginning or end there? and “Come in. I have been expecting you.” How to Write Supervillains.

If you’re doing NaNoWriMo, pop over to our forums and let us know HERE. Can you write 50k words in a month? Yes, you can!

And now, on to the good stuff… our lineup for the coming month:

November’s Table of Contents

Nov 1 Lori White A Year to the Day
Nov 2 Fred Warren The Transfer
Nov 3 Katie Cotugno To the Sticking Place
Nov 4 Leanna Timanus If Wishes Were Roses…
Nov 5 Robert Swartwood My Brother’s Death Note
Nov 6 KJ Kabza The Perfect Find
Nov 7 Meghna Pant The Lonely Widower
Nov 8 Susan Kaempfer Writer’s Brain on Caffeine
Nov 9 JR Hume Signals
Nov 10 Bassel Atallah Nostalgic Simulation
Nov 11 Henry Lara Hero
Nov 12 Michelle King Full Service Package
Nov 13 Mary Caffrey Knapke Family Reunion
Nov 14 Brittany Michelson Murdering Flowers
Nov 15 Warren Klassen Paperback Writer
Nov 16 Catherine Nichols Chain of Lies
Nov 17 Leigh Kimmel Fool’s Gold
Nov 18 David Macpherson Lingua Franca
Nov 19 Patrick Perkins The Last Zombie Story
Nov 20 Eric Cline The Hayes Stack
Nov 21 Sally York The Delivery Boy
Nov 22 Ian Shippen Coffeeholism
Nov 23 Mickey Mills Sailing the Paper Seas
Nov 24 Wayne Scheer Not the Jealous Type
Nov 25 Jackie Jernigan Turkey Shoot
Nov 26 Christopher Brummet Do Not Touch
Nov 27 Richard Lamb Thursday’s Child
Nov 28 David Alliger A Pleasant Untruth
Nov 29 Sandra Crook Space Invader
Nov 30 Carine Engelbrecht When You Love Something…
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