November’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

Tomorrow we celebrate the first birthday of our sister site, Every Day Poets. The EDP team is hosting a party on their Facebook page, so we encourage you to drop by and congratulate them on surviving their first year.

For Readers:

We hope you enjoyed our run of Halloween horror, and are perhaps now enjoying some Halloween candy? November brings you our usual variety of genres and styles, including new work by some of your favourites including Alexander Burns and K.C. Shaw, plus some fresh voices such as Grá Linnaea and Wanda Morrow-Clevenger.

For Remembrance Day or Veterans Day on November 11th, we are featuring “Sergeant Smith” by Mark Partin, and for the American Thanksgiving holiday, we are offering you a trio of stories about family running from November 25th to 27th: “How the Human Got His Free Will” by Deven D Atkinson, “Broken Waters” by Bob Jacobs, and “The New Pet” by Finale Doshi.

We also have another podcast for you: “For Cabbages and Ale” by Robert J Santa, read by Adam Kerby. “For Cabbages and Ale” was originally published in EDF on October 23, 2007, and is included in The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008.


For Writers:

We are a few days behind on our responses to submissions, but we’re working to get back on top of the slush pile.

We are also hard at work on our upcoming anthology, set to represent the best of Every Day Fiction from September 1, 2008 to August 31, 2009. All emails to authors have now been sent out, and as soon as we’ve confirmed everyone’s participation we will release the list of stories we’re including — watch the forums for the official announcement!

November’s Table of Contents

Nov 1 Richard M. O’Donnell The Inheritance
Nov 2 Stephanie Scarborough 8-Bit Procrastination
Nov 3 Jessa Marsh Us In Tapes
Nov 4 Barbara A. Barnett Mind Games
Nov 5 Ben Werdmuller Meaningless Battles
Nov 6 Alexander Burns With the Band
Nov 7 Aaron Polson Faith
Nov 8 Celestine Trinidad Fifty-five Percent
Nov 9 Christian Bell The Art of Stealing Sharks
Nov 10 Grá Linnaea Your Own Personal Genie
Nov 11 Mark Partin Sergeant Smith
Nov 12 Patsy Collins Overlooked
Nov 13 Brian Dolton El Mystera Del Tempo
Nov 14 Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz Game On
Nov 15 Oonah V Joslin Calm Waters
Nov 16 Ian Rochford Dog People
Nov 17 JR Hume Tears of the Android
Nov 18 Laura McHale Holland Invasion
Nov 19 Jennifer Tatroe Daddy’s Girl
Nov 20 David J. Rank Friday Midnight Five Stars
Nov 21 Stef Hall Back from the Hills
Nov 22 Nora Offen Lessons Learned
Nov 23 K.C. Ball The Maple Leaf Maneuver
Nov 24 K.C. Shaw Fall or Fly
Nov 25 Deven D Atkinson How the Human Got His Free Will
Nov 26 Bob Jacobs Broken Waters
Nov 27 Finale Doshi The New Pet
Nov 28 Wanda Morrow-Clevenger Heineken Haze
Nov 29 Jameson Parker Layaway
Nov 30 Frank Roger Mirror, Mirror
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