November’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

Happy Halloween! Some great things are happening in the Every Day community right now.

For Readers:

First of all, tomorrow marks the launch of Every Day Poets, ably run by the editorial team of Oonah V Joslin, Constance Brewer and Nicholas Ozment, all of whom are also reader favourites here at EDF. Their very first editorial and table of contents is up now, so go on over and check it out!

In other news, EDF’s managing editor Jordan Lapp has had some Very Good News on a professional level; watch the forums for an announcement. We are so proud of him! (FYI–Camille is writing this editorial, and sincerely hopes that Jordan is out celebrating as she types…)

Once again, we have an excellent lineup of stories to get you through November. We have lots of pieces from regular EDF contributors such as Jens Rushing and Jason Stout. Plus, we have several authors debuting in EDF this month, including Roger Poppen and Jenny Schwartz.

In our last editorial, we put out a call for slush reader applications, and thank you so much to everyone who responded.  As a result, Davina Colpman and Hillary Degani joined our team, and are doing a fabulous job. If you haven’t already done so, see their bios on our staff page.

We would also like to express our appreciation to Karen Magon and Philip Bregman for their generous donations. We depend on reader donations, and the kindness of the many authors who donate their story fees, to continue to offer EDF without charging a subscription fee.

For Writers:

At long last, we have finalized the list of stories for inclusion in our forthcoming anthology. At 100 stories, the list would be too long to post here, but look for it on the forums, hopefully sometime today or tomorrow. It was very, very hard to choose only 100 from all the great stories we published in our first year, but we’ve done it. Proofs should be going out to the authors over the next week. We’re just waiting on our Canadian Cataloguing In Publication information before we go to print, and should have a launch date shortly.

On a more immediate topic, right now we’re looking for seasonal and winter stories for December, but please get them in by November 10th. We’re also looking for some New Year stories for January, but you’ve got a bit more time for those.

And now, on to the upcoming stories…

November’s Table of Contents

Nov 1 Jim Bernheimer Rob’s Last Day
Nov 2 Milton T. Burton Grassy Knoll
Nov 3 Lucian J. Janik The Volunteer
Nov 4 E.E. King Synesthesia
Nov 5 Stephanie Scarborough Why Pews Don’t Come With Pistols
Nov 6 Jenny Schwartz Moving In, Moving On
Nov 7 Kevin Shamel Krupper and Jons
Nov 8 Mark Dalligan Rainbows
Nov 9 Tom Williams Strange Connections
Nov 10 Kimberly Medlin The Real Estate
Nov 11 T. A. Markitan Dragon Slayer
Nov 12 Kurt Kirchmeier In Summer’s Shadow
Nov 13 Roger Poppen Menage a Trois
Nov 14 Oonah V Joslin Sleight of Hand
Nov 15 Heather Parker Promotion
Nov 16 Lane Haygood I Have Read Your Fate in the Wind
Nov 17 Sarah Black Barbie at the Table
Nov 18 Sarah Hilary Me and the Mouser
Nov 19 Nick Logan Bad Blood
Nov 20 Jens Rushing Ars Draconis
Nov 21 K.C. Ball Oh, Woman of Easy Virtue
Nov 22 Sarah Silvers Don’t Look Down
Nov 23 Sara Crowley The Collector of Shiny
Nov 24 Frank Roger The Talisman
Nov 25 Sylvia Spruck Wrigley Coffee or Tea
Nov 26 Brian Dolton Getting to Know You
Nov 27 Jason Stout And the Well Runs Deep
Nov 28 Suanne Warr A Star’s Seduction
Nov 29 Justin Crockett No Time Like the Present
Nov 30 Robert Hamill Lockout
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