May’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

We have some interesting stories to publish this month, including a few that might be pushing the edges of readers’ comfort zones. One, in fact, came with a double resubmission after acceptance — one grittier version with some controversial language, and a slightly more dialed-back version; we’re still in conversation about what we’re comfortable publishing and how much an author’s identity gives or takes away the right to use particular words and dialect choices.

Other than that, we’re enjoying the spring flowers and nicer weather (in some parts of the world, anyway), and it’s pretty much business as usual around here.

For Readers

This month, we’re featuring “Star War Crimes” by Karl Lykken on Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you, obviously).

Then we have “Two Suitcases” by Karin Terebessy for Mother’s Day on May 14th.

Finally, we’re bringing you “Maryam’s Ramadan” by Fatima Saeed to mark the beginning of Ramadan on May 27th, followed by “Daniella in the Lion’s Den” by Kristin Petry for the long weekend and the start of barbecue weather and outdoor parties.

For Writers

This past month, we welcomed two new slush readers, Elizabeth Hoyle and Jeff Switt. It’s always great to have fresh perspectives on our editorial team.

And here are the stories you’ll be reading this month…

May’s Table of Contents

May 1 Caine Taylor Essentially, Spoiled!
May 2 D. Quentin Miller The Body Painter
May 3 Regina Buttner Hard Frost
May 4 Karl Lykken Star War Crimes
May 5 Rosalie Kempthorne Bolts and Bones
May 6 RT Fitzpatrick The Man
May 7 Fred D. White Brainies
May 8 Michael Snyder Rubber Humans
May 9 KB Sluss Smoke, Liniment, and Rose Perfume
May 10 Christopher Owen Cat in the Snow
May 11 Kat McNichol The Librarian
May 12 Angela Hui The Duties of Man
May 13 Chris Vander Kaay Fears Like Kafka
May 14 Karin Terebessy Two Suitcases
May 15 Jonathan Ellingson Betrayal in the Canning Collective
May 16 Madhumitha Koduvalli On Beauty
May 17 Brandon Fife A Web of Vice
May 18 Angela Sylvaine Be Mine
May 19 David Cleden Keep Going
May 20 Clint Johnson Chain n’ Bone
May 21 Paul A. Freeman Upward Mobility
May 22 Sam Rebelein Why Call Them “Bottomless Fries” If You Can Only Eat So Many
May 23 Andy Tu Nicole Dean
May 24 Alex Z. Salinas Milkshake
May 25 Alyssa Jordan Broken Hands
May 26 Marte F. Klaussen Bottled
May 27 Fatima Saeed Maryam’s Ramadan
May 28 Kristen Petry Daniella in the Lion’s Den
May 29 Lanny Durbin The Dead Tabby
May 30 Mary Lucille Hays The Bird’s Nest
May 31 Richard Shaw Neighbour of Zero
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