May’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

We hope you’ve all survived unscathed the rains and tax season stresses of April and are looking forward to May’s proverbial flowers.

Last month, we featured the winning story of Flash Fiction Chronicles’ String-of-10 SIX, “Snowman Suicide” by Caroline Hall. Did you go on over to FFC to read the interviews and the other stories that placed in the competition? If not, you might be interested to know that J.C. Towler, one of our editors, took second place with his story “Private Lessons” — congratulations! Our longtime readers will remember that we published several of his stories here before he joined our editorial team.

Are you reading What Came Before by Gay Degani with us? We’re now on chapter 44, but you can still read it from the beginning online or get the book in print if you prefer. Readers are calling it “humorous and heartfelt”, “a page turner”, and “an exciting debut not to be missed”. Come join us!

In other news, our sister site Every Day Poets will be on temporary hiatus as of June 1st for a general overhaul. We encourage you to stop by this month to read some of the great poetry over there and wish the outgoing editors well — and don’t worry, the poetry archives will remain available for your reading pleasure while the site’s interior is being reupholstered.

For Readers

Everything ebbs and flows, one way or another, and fiction submissions are no exception; for some reason, we’re featuring more than our usual number of fantasy stories this month (we just got so many good ones and couldn’t say no), and really not as many literary pieces as we’d have liked. There’s a temptation to assume that this means something about the direction EDF is taking, but actually it’s just serendipity (if you like fantasy) or an odd quirk of random chance (if you don’t).

For Mother’s Day on May 11th, we will be offering you “Dandelion Girl” by Elizabeth Beechwood.

For Writers

Please welcome our newest slush reader, Jadah McCoy, who joined us this past month.

In terms of stories needed, we’re pretty sure we have our Father’s Day piece for June (though you’re always welcome to try to convince us you can do one better), but we could still use some graduation and prom and leaving school stories (deadline May 27th, please). We’re also ready to start looking at Independence Day and Canada Day stories for July, and there’s also Bastille Day if that interests you. Finally, summer seasonal pieces would be nice too over the next few months… or winter, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere — we can roll with that too.

And now, onto the stories you’ll be enjoying over the coming days…

May’s Table of Contents

May 1 E. A. Farley De Profundis
May 2 Aislinn Batstone A New Man
May 3 Rebecca Roland How The Super Bowl Was Won
May 4 Avalina Kreska Cusp
May 5 Kathy Myers Rotten Apple Inc.
May 6 Austin Prettyman The Spell
May 7 Michael Cluff Joe’s Geriatric Diversion
May 8 Kat Otis The Family Business
May 9 Stephen V. Ramey Shadow Play
May 10 Rob Butler A Fresh Start
May 11 Elizabeth Beechwood Dandelion Girl
May 12 T C Ryan Neat Freaks
May 13 Kathleen Rose 4:19
May 14 Michelle M. Denham Apple Witches
May 15 Jamie Lackey Finding Balance
May 16 Sathya Stone Not All Men…
May 17 David Macpherson Get in Shape and Make Money at the Same Time
May 18 Emily K. Stamm Now Playing
May 19 Tom Britz The Window Washer
May 20 Malcolm Chandler Like Killing a Mockingbird
May 21 C. Hall Exponential Decay
May 22 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Back to Egypt
May 23 Gerald Warfield Pastorale No. 1
May 24 Bruce Costello Not Up To It
May 25 Devin Miller The Ascension Song
May 26 Charles Payseur Letters to Hell
May 27 Kyle Hemmings Grimm
May 28 Bryan N. Zimmer Collecting The Necromancer
May 29 Daniel Ausema Planet Jumpers
May 30 Mark Noce Meet Me at the Waterfront
May 31 Justin Mai A Caveman’s Plaint
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