May’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

This is a big month for us — if you are in or near Vancouver, Canada on Saturday, May 21st 2011, please join us for a reading and signing event to celebrate the launch of our newest anthology, The Best of Every Day Fiction Three. The launch will take place at the extremely awesome Blackberry Books on lovely tourist-friendly Granville Island in the heart of the city.

For Readers

We have lots of stories about mothers and mothering throughout the month, and for Mother’s Day on May 8th we’ve selected “A Dance to End Our Final Day” by Beth Cato.

We also have some great humour pieces for you this month, including a hilarious lesson on how not to write from Randy Henderson — “The Most Epicly Awesomest Story! Ever!!” will be published on May 16th.

For Writers

We have a small staff change to announce: Joseph Kaufman, previously a slush reader, will be continuing his excellent work with us as an Editorial Assistant. You may be impressed to know that Joe has been reading an average of 33 stories a week for us.

May’s Table of Contents

May 1 Marissa Sertich Leave Me with an Artichoke
May 2 P.J. Monroe Rembrandt’s E-mail
May 3 Rich Matrunick The Pale Farmer
May 4 Stewart Baker Memory Book
May 5 JR Hume His Mother’s Son
May 6 Cecilia Ryan Mum
May 7 Ruth Schiffmann Silent Witness
May 8 Beth Cato A Dance to End Our Final Day
May 9 Amanda Capper A Message
May 10 Wanda Morrow-Clevenger Riverside Redemption
May 11 Samantha Memi Tempting The Wicked
May 12 Madeline Mora-Summonte Evie
May 13 Frances Gonzalez Spindles
May 14 Vanessa Weibler Paris Tea with Tess
May 15 Charles Kirby RBIs
May 16 Randy Henderson The Most Epicly Awesomest Story! Ever!!
May 17 Kevin Shamel Riveted
May 18 Leanna Timanus Night Visitors
May 19 Nick Lewandowski Foreign Exchange Losses
May 20 Axie Barclay Kahlua
May 21 A.I. Wright Time Served
May 22 L. A. Stein Trout Lake
May 23 James C.G. Shirk And Then, She Wrote Me a Letter
May 24 Barry Friesen Hat Trick
May 25 Gary Pattinson Programming Bugs
May 26 Kip Margaret’s Daughter
May 27 Douglas Campbell Leaf
May 28 L.E. Elder First Time
May 29 Wayne Scheer Butterfly
May 30 Nyki Blatchley The Sat-Nav of Doom
May 31 Aaron Polson The Thing About a Haunting
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