May’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

It’s amazing to think that at this time in 2007, Every Day Fiction was only an idea in our minds.  We’re now two thirds of the way through our second year, with an anthology in print and work already under way on the second. Our sister site Every Day Poets has been in publication for six months, and the Flash Fiction Chronicles blog has seen its first month come and go with a fascinating array of perspectives on the art of writing flash.

For Readers:

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that’s celebrated by different countries on different days. In North America, we honour mothers on the second Sunday in May, and to mark the occasion we’re featuring Elizabeth R. Browne‘s story “Pop”.

Readers who follow the comments on stories may be interested to note that regular commenter Paul A. Freeman is making his debut in EDF this month, along with our usual mix of old friends — from Megan Arkenberg to John Woodington — and newcomers such as John Jasper Owens and Diane Hoover Bechtler.

For Writers:

First of all, we’d like to draw your attention to Robert Swartwood‘s Hint Fiction Contest, which was recently announced on our Flash Fiction Chronicles and which closes at midnight tonight, April 30th. If you hadn’t heard about it yet, there’s still time (if just barely) — first, learn a little more about hint fiction, the newest sub-set of the flash fiction world, and then head over to Robert’s blog to get the contest details. The contest is being judged by bestselling author Stewart O’Nan, and has been mentioned in MediaBistro’s Galley Cat and the New Yorker.

Second, we’re hoping to see some stories for Independence Day and Canada Day coming our way soon, so if you haven’t thought of that already, please give it a think and send us something.

May’s Table of Contents

May 1 John Jasper Owens Alice After the Mall
May 2 Frank Byrns A Familiar Face
May 3 Michael John Burrows Less Than a Foot
May 4 Oonah V Joslin Taken for a Ride
May 5 H. Lovelyn Bettison Weekend Special
May 6 Megan Arkenberg Carpathia
May 7 Mari Ness The Otter
May 8 Wayne Scheer Growing Up
May 9 Frank Roger Blockers
May 10 Elizabeth R. Browne Pop
May 11 Alexander Burns The Squeeze
May 12 Robert J. Santa A Life Undone
May 13 Paul A. Freeman Manna from Heaven
May 14 Nadia Jacobson Photographic Memory
May 15 Aaron Polson To Make Things Right
May 16 Angela Carlton The Man Named Ray
May 17 Bosley Gravel A Gift
May 18 John Woodington A Letter to the Girl I May or May Not Have Slept with Last Night
May 19 Patsy Collins Fireworks
May 20 Robert Swartwood Incomplete
May 21 Nancy Wilcox Jacko’s Bar
May 22 Nicholas Ozment The Bride’s Tail
May 23 Elizabeth Crocket Angela’s Choice
May 24 Catherine J Gardner Leviathan’s Moving Theatre
May 25 J.C. Towler Purse Things
May 26 Diane Hoover Bechtler Choice Snow
May 27 Lydia Ondrusek Shift
May 28 Sister Blister The Cedar Fever Defense
May 29 Jonathan Pinnock Ignorance of Chemistry
May 30 Joshua Scribner Portals
May 31 Trevor Foley After I Built a Time Machine
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