March’s Table of Contents

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For Readers

As of March 1st, Every Day Fiction is entering its seventh month of operations. That’s right, we’re over the “six month hump”! As word spreads, we’re getting more and more submissions, which means that we are able to be extremely selective and bring you the finest stories from the finest authors writing short fiction today.

This month, we’re bringing you stories from recent Writers of the Future  Semi-Finalist Suanne Warr, a science fiction piece from Gay Degani (third place finisher in the Preditors & Editors Readers’ Choice Awards  short story–romance  category for her story “One Question“)  and St. Patrick’s Day fiction from Oonah V Joslin and Robert Swartwood.   Unfortunately, we have no Easter-themed pieces, because no one sent us any.

For Writers

We’ve been gradually implementing some changes to our submission process–including the fact that you now need to log in to submit a story–which should soon allow us to add some very cool features for you, such as the ability to view the status of your submissions online.   However, there are of course minor hiccups with any new system, and ours is no exception; thank you very much to all those who have acted as guinea pigs, reported bugs, and given feedback.   Your patience and support are endlessly appreciated.

March’s Table of Contents

Mar  1 Walter Giersbach [p]
The Last Person on Earth
Mar  2 Suanne Warr [p] The Centauri Affair
Mar  3 Mel George [p] More Than Words
Mar  4 Stephanie Clauson [p] Outside
Mar  5 Nicholas Ian Hawkins [p] The Weald Maiden’s Will
Mar  6 Jasmine Pahl [p] Because We Can
Mar  7 Kevin Shamel [p] Emergency Revival
Mar  8 Sherryl Clark [p] The Sound of Silence
Mar  9 Cornelius Barbulescu [p] The Spiral Into Madness
Mar  10 Mike Whitney [p] Last Minute Changes
Mar  11 Peter Tupper [p] Burden
Mar  12 Nathan Trader [p] Lifeline
Mar  13 Gay Degani [p] The Breach
Mar  14 Alice Sabo [p] Small Things Come in Big Packages
Mar  15 Patrick Parr [p] Good News, Bad News
Mar  16 Oonah V Joslin [p] A Wee Drap of Hospitality
Mar  17 Robert Swartwood [p] The Luckiest Man in the World
Mar  18 James Bloomer [p] The Paths You Would Walk
Mar  19 Alison Bullock [p] Fixed and Dilated
Mar  20 Michael D. Turner [p] One Dark Night
Mar  21 Ty Johnston [p] Walking Between the Rain
Mar  22 Avis Hickman-Gibb [p] If Takers, Reboot–Else, Close
Mar  23 James Hartley [p] Weight Loss
Mar  24 Matthew Strada [p] The Objectiv-Eye
Mar  25 Sarah Hilary [p]
Someone Else’s Slip
Mar  26 Gustavo Bondoni [p]
Trained Monkeys
Mar  27 Katie Rose [p] The Milk Man’s Offer
Mar  28 David Macpherson [p] Wing Mending
Mar  29 Robert J Santa [p] Heir to the Throne
Mar  30 Michael Ehart [p]
Only His Name
Mar  31 John Woodington [p] Don’t Forget the Sun
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