March’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

With spring around the corner (or at least the Vernal Equinox), we should be seeing the last of the winter weather this month (and in general the last of our winter-themed stories too).

You may have noticed that we try to publish lighter stories on Mondays, to brighten up the hardest day of the week with a bit of humour. On Twitter, we’ve started using the hashtag #humourformonday — and that doesn’t have to be just for EDF. On Mondays, why not use the hashtag to share links to stories that will give everyone a laugh and a boost for the day? (As a side note, we’re using the international spelling, humour with a “u”, since we’re based in Canada and have readers all over the world.)

For Readers

We have a few familiar names on our list of stories this month, as usual, but overall we’re welcoming lots of new voices to Every Day Fiction.

Leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, we have “Patrick’s Passage” by Maribel C. Pagan on March 16th, then we’ll be featuring “A St. Patrick’s Day Story” by Wayne Scheer on March 17th.

For Writers

We are now taking stories intended for holidays and occasions in April, including April Fool’s Day, Passover, Easter, and more — submit them here (please remember that this submission queue is only for April-specific stories, and other submissions should be entered here instead). The deadline for April stories is March 27th.

Please note that authors who attempt to hack the star rating system to push their stories up the top ten lists will invariably be caught, and the extra hassle of having to remove those cheaters’ ratings (obviously) makes us unhappy and extremely prejudiced against working with those individuals again.

On a happier note, let’s move on to the stories we have for you this month…

March’s Table of Contents

Mar 1 Eliot Hudson Eachother
Mar 2 David R Gilbert The Warmest Winter
Mar 3 Nathan J. Bezzina His Voice Is Mine
Mar 4 Kevin Daniel Lonano Shark’s Milk
Mar 5 Gary Cuba Charity Ball
Mar 6 K.G. Anderson My Job is Hell
Mar 7 Laura Rink Blow My Cover
Mar 8 Kay Harrison The Thin Red Line
Mar 9 Andrew Hart Two Guys Walk Into a Room…
Mar 10 Holly Schofield Alambre
Mar 11 Kate Glahn Why We Hear Better When We Shut Our Eyes
Mar 12 Justin Hoo A Package for Ms. B.
Mar 13 Evan Roberts A Beast in Bed
Mar 14 Melissa Goode Charvet, White, 16R
Mar 15 Richard Nunez Heirloom
Mar 16 Maribel C. Pagan Patrick’s Passage
Mar 17 Wayne Scheer A St. Patrick’s Day Story
Mar 18 Vanessa Wang The Peach Tree
Mar 19 Chris Antenen The Bureau
Mar 20 Clint Lowe Beyond the Words
Mar 21 Joy Kennedy-O’Neill Chokecherry Creek
Mar 22 Michelle M. Denham A Long Time Ago, Over Coffee
Mar 23 Kelly Castillo It Kills Me Sometimes
Mar 24 Neil MacDonald Coulrophobia
Mar 25 Martha Crisalli Artifacts
Mar 26 Dennis Zaslona Look at the Ants
Mar 27 Lee Hammerschmidt All Crook’d Up
Mar 28 Christopher C.O. Unreal Cuisine
Mar 29 Rachel Printy Time With Billy
Mar 30 F. John Sharp When the River Calls
Mar 31 Jay Lee Ellis Three Drinks and an Explanation
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