March’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

It’s hard to believe that a year ago we were madly pushing along with our Kickstarter campaign for Raygun Chronicles: Space Opera for a New Age… which turned out even better than we could have hoped, with positive reviews in Library Journal and Analog among others, fantastic blurbs from bestselling authors, and the thrill of having one of our books in actual libraries and bookstores. Have you read it yet? If so, honest reviews are always appreciated — or just come and chat with us about it in any of our community places.

A year later, we’re getting set to serialize our second Every Day Novel, What Came Before by Gay Degani. Look for the serialization to begin on March 3rd, and in the meantime, check out this teaser chapter and read about the author if you don’t already know her.

For Readers

March as a month is mainly associated with Mardi Gras, luck and shamrocks and St. Patrick’s Day festivities, spring break for schools, Lent, and sometimes Easter (though not this year). We sadly don’t have special stories for any of those occasions, but we do have one that you might not have expected:

This month, we are pleased to feature Sarah Crysl Akhtar‘s story “…With a New Afterward” on March 6th in honour of World Book Day, which is celebrated on the first Thursday in March in the UK. Since the rest of the world celebrates the same event in April, we’ll hope to have another book-related story to offer you next month as well.

For Writers

EDF has undergone some staff changes this past month — we will greatly miss editorial assistant Tara Sim and slush readers Kent DuFault and J. Chris Lawrence who are moving on to other things, but we’re excited to welcome new slush readers David Beavers and Miriam Lee, and pleased to announce senior slush reader Jenn Q. Goddu‘s promotion to editorial assistant. We could still use two or three more slush readers, though; click here for details on the position and how to apply.

For targeted submissions, we still need April Fool, Easter, and Passover stories, as well as a(nother) World Book Day story and something for Tax Day; please have them in by March 27th.

And of course, here are the stories we have lined up for you this month…

March’s Table of Contents

Mar 1 Lynn Love Summon the Nine Dancers
Mar 2 Brian G Ross Whatever Will Be
Mar 3 Charlie C Cole The Opposite of Hoarding
Mar 4 Moriah Geer-Hardwick The Iconoclaste
Mar 5 D. Thomas Minton Wheat King
Mar 6 Sarah Crysl Akhtar …With a New Afterward
Mar 7 Dale Ivan Smith The Fez Shackle
Mar 8 James Zahardis The Basilisk of Saint Jöhnssbury’s Cathedral
Mar 9 Dave Morehouse Mandatory Medication
Mar 10 Stuart Larner The Big Dream
Mar 11 Lynne Fort Scale Mail
Mar 12 M. Elias Keller Mental Hygiene
Mar 13 Jeremy Szal Heart of Steel
Mar 14 Katie Cortese In the Beginning of the End
Mar 15 Amy de Jong Monster
Mar 16 Soren James Andy Warhol, or My Tautologist Said the Same
Mar 17 Lise Colas What Dish Did Next
Mar 18 Daniel Mkiwa Pirates and Knights
Mar 19 Dave D’Alessio A Spark of Life
Mar 20 Jez Patterson When we lived in a House
Mar 21 Albert Allen We Dream About Different Things Now
Mar 22 Andy Charman Art’s Last Laugh
Mar 23 Daniel Schoonmaker A Place on the Lake
Mar 24 Walt Giersbach She Thought Samuel Was a Gem
Mar 25 Matthew Lowes Buyer Beware
Mar 26 Laura Beasley The Beginning of the Next
Mar 27 Frederick K. Foote Litter Wagon
Mar 28 James C.G. Shirk The Strange Wake of Louis Winsky
Mar 29 Jamie Hittman The Four Billion Year Birthday
Mar 30 David A. Elsensohn Vincent
Mar 31 Lori Schafer Goat
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