March’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

First, some happy news. Our Executive Editor Jordan Ellinger has become a father — his beautiful little son arrived a couple of weeks ago, and we couldn’t be happier for him and his wife. Congratulations, Jordan & Alicia!

In other news, we still need your support to make our Raygun Chronicles project a reality. We’re halfway there, and with a little less than a week left in our Kickstarter Campaign, there’s no more time for waiting. It’s very doable — other projects have raised more than the $4K we still need in the very last hours of their campaigns — but we need you to back the project and spread the word now. Let’s make this happen!

Finally, we would like to thank Gay Degani for all the time and energy she has put into establishing and developing our craft blogzine for writers, Flash Fiction Chronicles. Gay is stepping down from FFC to focus on her own writing. Jim Harrington is now acting as Interim Managing Editor, with Gay’s support and assistance during the transition period, and we expect to be able to present the new editorial team for FFC in a month from now. Many hands make light work, so if you think you might like to get involved on the editorial staff or as a regular contributor to FFC, please contact us and we’ll pass along your interest to Jim and the new team. Gay, you’ve been fabulous — more than fabulous! — and we wish you the best possible fortune now as you focus on your writing.

For Readers

For St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th, we’ve got “Cannath’s Coins” by Jude-Marie Green, and then for Easter Sunday at the end of the month we’ll be bringing you “One Loud Easter” by Brendan Bourque-Sheil.

For Writers

We’ve got Tax Day coming up in April (stories need to be in by March 27th, please!) and then Mother’s Day and Victoria Day in May (stories in by April 26th, and thank you!). We also welcome stories for and about holidays from other cultures and other parts of the world, so please know that you’re strongly encouraged to get inspired by any traditions you may have or festivals you may celebrate.

March’s Table of Contents

Mar 1 Robert J. Santa It All Started With a Kiss
Mar 2 W.J. McCabe Robot Legs
Mar 3 Peter Wood Nixon and the Aliens
Mar 4 Fraser Sherman Heads Up!
Mar 5 JB Starre Exit
Mar 6 J. J. Roth The Nymph of Limantour
Mar 7 Steve Calvert Scott Is
Mar 8 dj barber The Tattered Veil
Mar 9 Sheila McIntyre Good Makeup Artist
Mar 10 Chance Lee The Day My Neighbor Amputated One of My Grandmother’s Limbs
Mar 11 Michelle Ann King Not the Pizza Girl
Mar 12 Ruth Schiffmann Apple Season
Mar 13 Sam Westreich Violet Hill
Mar 14 Carl Steiger The Sphinx Approaches
Mar 15 Justin N Davies Kid Gloves
Mar 16 Paula Cappa Abasteron House
Mar 17 Jude-Marie Green Cannath’s Coins
Mar 18 Camille Griep One Night in Bangkok
Mar 19 Paulette Zander The Tip Off
Mar 20 Dirk Knight One More Bullet
Mar 21 Serena Shores We Are Four
Mar 22 Christopher Owen The Weathercock
Mar 23 Wayne Scheer Welcome to Valley View
Mar 24 Phil Slattery Murder by Plastic
Mar 25 Raine Love Is All Around
Mar 26 Sarah Crysl Akhtar A Day Before All of Those Nights
Mar 27 Von Rupert The Real Mom
Mar 28 Paul Miller Life of Eight
Mar 29 Eric Cline In Over Their Heads
Mar 30 Jonathon Mast All My Yesterdays Will Come
Mar 31 Brendan Bourque-Sheil One Loud Easter
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