March’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

First of all, some truly excellent news: the finalists for the 2012 Micro Award have been announced, and Every Day Fiction has not one but two stories on the list! “Bulletproof” by Divya Raghavan and “Flowers for Clockwork Street” by Jennifer Fierro were named among the finalists. We are proud and honoured to have published these excellent stories, and we’re sure that many more publishing successes lie ahead for Divya and Jennifer.

The Writers of the Future contest is known to be one of the best ways to launch a career in writing speculative fiction. It’s free to enter, runs quarterly, and has decent cash prizes. EDF’s Executive Editor Jordan Ellinger won it, as have several EDF authors whose careers are moving steadily upward. The Writers of the Future contest has recently launched a “Fan Campaign” and has agreed to sponsor EDF for every person who likes their Facebook page. So, if you love the stories that EDF publishes every single day and you’re willing to give a click to help us out, consider going to the Writers of the Future Facebook Page and clicking “Like”. Thank you!

While you’re at it, you could “Like” our Facebook page too. No one’s sponsoring that, of course, but we like it when people like us.

For Readers

Regrettably, we haven’t anything special for St. Patrick’s Day or any other special days this month as no one sent us anything suitable, but we hope you’ll enjoy our regular fare.

For Writers

We’re delighted to welcome new slush readers Ben Carey, Tara Sim, and Melissa Browne to our team. They’re already hard at work, so you’ll be seeing their comments on your stories starting now.

Please send us April Fool’s Day, Easter and Passover stories as soon as possible (by March 27th, please). We also apparently have Administrative Professionals Day in April, if that moves you to write, and we’re ready for Mother’s Day, Victoria Day, and Memorial Day stories for May as well (by April 27th, thank you). Check the Targeted box when you submit so your story doesn’t get lost in the slush!

And now, on to the good stuff:

March’s Table of Contents

Mar 1 Sarah Evans According to plan
Mar 2 L. Joseph Shosty Waiting Room Two
Mar 3 Jon Andersen Leaf it to Us
Mar 4 Sarah Crysl Akhtar If You Go Down to the Woods Today
Mar 5 William Bendix Applause
Mar 6 Christopher Owen Way To Blue
Mar 7 Kenton K. Yee Nub Against the Door
Mar 8 Mark Bilsborough The Barber Shop
Mar 9 D. H. Tuck The Ice Cream Man
Mar 10 Sarah Pinsker Broken Stones
Mar 11 Rick Hartwell Aprés-‘cots
Mar 12 Scott Bartlett Elevator Life
Mar 13 Alex Hughes Sorry I Broke the Universe
Mar 14 Christian K. Martinez Conjure Woman’s Deal
Mar 15 Sandra Crook Missing Her
Mar 16 K.C. Ball In Memory of Dougie
Mar 17 Emily Schultze An Epiphany Over Fried Pickles
Mar 18 June Gundlack After the Darkness
Mar 19 Matthew Cherry Hazard Pay
Mar 20 Dart Humeston Shoots and Ladders
Mar 21 Nikki Owen NP
Mar 22 Sarah Wilson No Need for Ghosts
Mar 23 Shane D. Rhinewald Mutant Menagerie
Mar 24 Elizabeth Holden Ella Hart’s Mother
Mar 25 Izzy David The Italian Lesson
Mar 26 Madeline Mora-Summonte Back Roads
Mar 27 e. munro Chewed Lippy, Smokes & Plagues
Mar 28 John Eric Vona Light Pollution
Mar 29 Paul Friesen Samsara
Mar 30 Oonah V Joslin Just a Matter of Choice
Mar 31 Don Emerson Unsung
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