March’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

First off, save the date! Our annual Anthology Launch Party will be held on Saturday, May 21st, 2011 here in Vancouver, Canada. The Reading/Book Signing Event will be at the extremely awesome independent Blackberry Books on lovely tourist-friendly Granville Island. More details of the afterparty and other associated events to come. You don’t have to be an anthology author to join us; all EDF readers, writers, commenters, fans, family and friends are welcome!

Next, we have a little film for you to watch.You will recall from previous editorials that Every Day Publishing has adopted space opera magazine Ray Gun Revival and raised it to semi-pro status – this little video trailer should give you an idea of what space opera is and hopefully pique some interest.

Jordan Lapp and Steven Smethurst teamed up with friend and filmmaker Andrew LeBlanc to create the trailer. Many thanks go to actor Rod Bird and voice actor Adam Kerby for their parts in the production as well. Enjoy!

Finally, don’t forget that you can advertise with us… Do you have a book, product, or author site that you’d like to promote? Consider sponsoring a story or two; it helps us continue to provide free daily flash fiction, and our readership numbers mean that you reach a lot of dedicated readers at a very good price.

For Readers

We have some very fine authors returning to Every Day Fiction this month, including Shaun Simon, author of our all-time highest-rated story “Snowman”, winner of the Other Short Stories category in the 2010 Preditors & Editors Poll. Fans of 10Flash Quarterly will notice that we have stories from both co-editors, K.C. Ball and Jude-Marie Green. We’re also pleased to have new work from reader favourites Deborah Winter-Blood, JR Hume, and Wayne Scheer. Finally, we have the privilege of welcoming a variety of new-to-us voices this month, including flash fiction veteran Bruce Holland Rogers.

For St. Patrick’s Day, we’re featuring “The Next Ice Age” by Paul Friesen on March 17th.

For Writers

We have some staff changes to report as the month turns. Slush reader Devan Goldstein is leaving us for a position as Flash Fiction Editor of the brand new Flywheel Magazine. We wish him and his co-editors all the best with their fledgling venture, and we encourage you to go on over and have a look at what they’re doing. We’ll miss Devan, but we’re fortunate to have Summer Ross stepping up to replace him on the slush team. We’re also losing editorial assistant Patricia La Barbera, who is now working as an editor at Etopia Press. Patricia has been with EDF since June 2010, and though we’re sad to see her go, we couldn’t be happier about her fabulous new job. You can wish Devan and Patricia well and welcome Summer over on our forums.

We’re still looking for Easter stories, Passover stories, spring stories in general, and anything else you can think of for April. It’s also time to start thinking about Mother’s Day stories for May, and something suitable for Victoria Day would be nice too if anyone is in the mood to write a historical and/or monarchical piece.

March’s Table of Contents

Mar 01 Belinda Rees Hart’s Tip
Mar 02 Deborah Winter-Blood Veterans of War
Mar 03 Jakob Drud 9 of 10
Mar 04 Sylvia Heartz The Magic Pillow
Mar 05 Carmela Starace Autopsy of the Steele Family (in Six Chapters)
Mar 06 David Macpherson The World Between Geometry and British Drama
Mar 07 Greg Likins Temptation Drive-Thru
Mar 08 Andrew S. Williams From Here to the Sargasso
Mar 09 James C.G. Shirk Will Work for Food
Mar 10 Gretchen Bassier Grisly
Mar 11 Rumjhum Biswas Breakfast for Two
Mar 12 Ajit Dhillon God Machine
Mar 13 Anisha Sridhar It’s not Me, It’s You
Mar 14 Melinda Jones Mother of the Boy
Mar 15 Shaun Simon Television for the Dead
Mar 16 Bruce Holland Rogers Dear Lisa
Mar 17 Paul Friesen The Next Ice Age
Mar 18 Christopher Lockheardt The Perfect Song
Mar 19 T.C. Powell The Strange Fate of George Morris’ Brother’s Dirty Old Shoe
Mar 20 Loren Arthur Moreno And That’s Uncle Thom
Mar 21 Douglas Pugh Impish balance
Mar 22 Chelsea Tudor Pudge
Mar 23 K.C. Ball Serves Him Right
Mar 24 Wayne Scheer Harold’s Eulogy
Mar 25 JR Hume Genesis
Mar 26 Jude-Marie Green Another Nebulous Conversation on a Bus Trip to America
Mar 27 Paige Sinkler Cold Feet
Mar 28 Vincent D. O’Connor The Princess and The Bullfrog
Mar 29 Robert O’Shea Bella’s Birthday
Mar 30 Dee Turbon Privet
Mar 31 Sally York Saving Nimoy
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