March’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

Welcome to another month of Every Day Fiction.

March’s issue is shaping up to be one of our strongest ever. We have stories from writers who are new to EDF, like K. Bond and Kathleen Powers-Vermaelen, and also work from returning authors like Pushcart Prize nominees Dave Macpherson, Alex Moisi, and Jason Stout, as well as work from Writers of the Future winner C.L. Holland.

Additionally, EDF’s recently-released anthology, The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008, continues to sell briskly. We recently noticed that Amazon has the trade paperback on sale for the ridiculously low price of $10.85 USD (32% off the cover price of $15.95) — an incredible deal for such a beautiful trade paperback. And for those who prefer hardcovers, the gift edition is clothbound in slate grey with gold foil on the spine and a glossy full-colour dustjacket, currently only $22.00 USD from Amazon (24% off the cover price of $28.95).

If you’ve read the anthology, please consider dropping by the book’s page at and writing a review for us. Time and again, research has shown that reviews sell books, and the more books we sell, the more services we can afford to bring you, and the more we can afford to pay our authors. Remember, EDF is a labour of love. Whatever we make from the sale of these books goes right back into the site. So if you’d like to support us, but don’t want to just hand over your hard-earned cash, buy a book! You’ll be glad you did.

For Writers:

Every Day Fiction would like to take this opportunity to welcome two new slush readers to our staff, to assist Davina and Hillary’s heroic efforts to conquer the slush mountain.  We hope that expanding our team will allow us to reduce response times and manage the phenomenal number of submissions we’re getting — which we love, of course, because it tells us that you want to be published here with us.

Gay Degani has published short stories in anthologies and in both print and on-line journals. She is taking a respite from writing flash fiction in order to focus on her mystery novel.

K.C. Ball grew up in Ohio, with her nose in a book. She lives now in Seattle, a stone’s throw from Puget Sound. She has completed two novels, Lifting Up Veronica and August Company, and a screenplay, Black Rock. She has been writing short fiction full-time since January 2008. Her stories have appeared here at Every Day Fiction and various online and print publications. She blogs about writing at

Both Ms Degani and Ms Ball have been published with EDF before, but have taken a hiatus from appearing in the pages of the magazine in order to help guide its content. Their stories will be sorely missed, but we are very much looking forward to watching how their input helps to shape which stories are selected for publication.

March’s Table of Contents

Mar 1 D.C. Grondo Poor Baby
Mar 2 Doug Paul Case Delightful Surprise
Mar 3 TW Williams Paragon
Mar 4 Frank Roger Full Board
Mar 5 Jason Stout The Last Time
Mar 6 Oscar Windsor-Smith Grave Concerns
Mar 7 Amanda D’Avria What She Sees
Mar 8 Oliver The Dancer
Mar 9 Dave Macpherson First Date
Mar 10 C. L. Holland Beyond the Gate
Mar 11 Nick Allen Old Sparky
Mar 12 Frank Byrns Waiting For Jerome
Mar 13 Bosley Gravel Vicissitude
Mar 14 Brian Dolton Sweet Memories
Mar 15 Omenka Helen Uchendu Without Rain
Mar 16 K. Bond The Fortune of a Pearl
Mar 17 Tommy B. Smith A Game of Circumstance
Mar 18 Douglas Bruton Post-Coital Bliss, Almost
Mar 19 Alex Moisi The Flood
Mar 20 Kathleen Powers-Vermaelen New Addition
Mar 21 Martin Reed Muriel the Goose
Mar 22 Deven D Atkinson VPN Doesn’t Work
Mar 23 Sarah Black A Story for Richard, Involving Bedposts, Che Guevara, and Chocolate Ganache
Mar 24 Erica Naone Home to Perfect
Mar 25 Richard M. O’Donnell The Thirteenth Step
Mar 26 Wayne Scheer Fantasy Woman
Mar 27 Oonah V. Joslin Focus
Mar 28 Angel Zapata We Come From the Water
Mar 29 Anne Brooke Night Bees
Mar 30 Nicholas Ozment Paintball Justice
Mar 31 Andrew LeBlanc Event Log
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