June’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

For Readers:

May was another great month for Every Day Fiction and we’re looking forward to a great summer. In June, we have stories from well-reviewed authors  like Bill Ward and R. L. Copple, as well as work from newcomers to EDF, like Jason Stout and Greg Linkins.

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You can now click on “Random Story” and be automatically redirected to a random story from our archives. Bored? Or just feeling lucky? Give our story engine a whirl!

Many of you vote regularly using the “Star” System that appears at the bottom of each story. We’d like to encourage more of you to do so. We keep in mind the rating each story receives when we pick future stories. We’re more likely to publish the kind of work you like to read if you let us know your tastes, and, next to commenting on a story,  the Star System is an anonymous way to do just that.

May was a great month for fiction, but in some cases, we faced some challenges getting stories to your inbox.

We syndicate our stories through Feedburner, a company that publishes our stories to your e-mail boxes. They were recently purchased by Google and have been having problems coping with the additional traffic. We’ve considered hosting our own syndication service, but the technology is fairly complex to develop for your overworked staff. Hopefully, Feedburner grows into their new role at Google and our delivery will go back to normal. For now, we just have to grin and bear it.

That said, please enjoy our June Table of Contents!

For Writers:

Our contract has changed! In our quest to expand EDF into a true community for writers, we’ve had to alter our contract in several significant ways, so do read through it next time you submit a story to us.   There are two items of such particular interest, though, that they’re worth listing right here:

  1. Podcasting. The staff at Every Day Fiction, along with author Kevin Shamel,  is working to put together podcasts of your stories. Those of you who’ve published with us in the past will be receiving an e-mail asking for the right to turn you story into a podcast. Those that agree may have their story narrated and broadcast from the EDF site. We’ll be asking for this right with all future submissions.
  2. We’re raising our rates! What? You thought we were going to ask for additional rights and not pay you for them? Starting June 1st, we’ll be paying $3 per story. Still nothing to write home about, but it’s enough for a cup of coffee.

Some of you might have noticed that the response time on your submissions climbed during the month of May. That’s because the staff at EDF has been hard at work turning the site into a true community for writers. We’ve got several new areas under development.

  1. Podcasting. See above. Yay!
  2. Expanding Author Pages. We intend for  the Author Page to be a truly versatile home for homeless writers. Soon, in addition to linking to your stories here, you’ll be able to link to your other published work, add images, even host a blog. Basically everything an author could need. All free when you publish your work with us.
  3. Launching Every Day Poets. Yeah, we know nothing about poetry, but we know people who do. We have several potential staff members for the new site, and we’re really looking forward to launching it. It will be  using Every Day Fiction technology, but will serve a  poem a day instead of a story.

Finally, author K.C. Ball has agreed to host an Every Day Fiction Writing Group on our forums. The group will be private, so you’ll be able to post your work for critiquing without fear of it being viewed by random strangers or considered previously published. If you’re interested in joining, contact K.C. Ball through the forums, or use our contact form and we’ll put you in touch with her.

June’s Table of Contents

June 1 Brian Dolton The Gray World
June 2 Greg Likins Cavedweller 2.0
June 3 Tels Merrick Say It With Flowers
June 4 R. L. Copple The Captain’s Chair
June 5 Catherine J Gardner Burying Sam
June 6 Gay Degani Spring Melt
June 7 Margaret B. Davidson Homecoming
June 8 Harold N. Walters Stumped
June 9 Ann Wilkes The Heist
June 10 Sylvia Spruck Wrigley Listen
June 11 Nick Logan Desert Island Solitaire, or, A Good Cigar Is A Smoke
June 12 Lee Beavington Second Opinion
June 13 Bill Ward Junkyard Rats
June 14 Jennifer Tatroe When She Comes to It
June 15 Gianna De Persiis Vona Sacrifice
June 16 Madeline Mora-Summonte The Salute of the Old And Crotchety
June 17 Rosie de la Mare A Moment
June 18 Nicola Horn The End
June 19 Kevin Shamel Mail
June 20 Milton T. Burton The Watchers
June 21 Chaz Siu Prodigal Piano
June 22 Oonah V Joslin Missy’s Summer
June 23 Sarah Hilary Waste of Space
June 24 Andrew Males Mars Ascent
June 25 Mark Ward The Devil and the Details
June 26 Jason Stout Larry Legend
June 27 Frank Roger The End of Time
June 28 Kurt Rice A Legacy of War
June 29 Gustavo Bondoni Virtuoso
June 30 Harley Crowley There When You Need Them
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