June’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

We’re a little late getting this table of contents finalized for the month, so I’m going to keep this short. Overworked and not-at-all-paid, and all that. But we’re still here.

For Readers

This month, for World Oceans Day on June 8th, we’re featuring “The Once Blue Horizon” by Joachim Heijndermans. Then, for Father’s Day on June 18th, we’re bringing you “A Daughter’s Waiting” by Reena Thomas. Enjoy!

For Writers

We’re working to fight the backlog of submissions and are trying to get our response times down. Thanks for your patience!

If you have stories targeted for July (meaning that they would NOT be suitable to publish after the end of July), they can be submitted here. And in case anyone was wondering, yes, we will reject “non-July” stories that try to jump the queue via this route. As usual, your regular submissions can be placed via the usual link.

And now, here it is…

June’s Table of Contents

Jun 1 JT Gill Artist of Love
Jun 2 Jordan Hart Dearest Neighbour
Jun 3 Paul Alex Gray The Promise You Brought
Jun 4 Janie brunson Train to Hell
Jun 5 Sam Larson Ascension
Jun 6 Liz Tsikkos The Paintings of Sizwe
Jun 7 Rebecca Birch What Waits Beneath the Rainbow Sea
Jun 8 Joachim Heijndermans The Once Blue Horizon
Jun 9 Carl Steiger Eyeblink in Benghazi
Jun 10 Chanacee Ruth-Killgore Pink Flowers
Jun 11 Shelley Berg Stage IIB: Anger
Jun 12 Eva Schultz Face-First
Jun 13 Irene Montaner One-Way Ticket to Earth
Jun 14 Nathan J. Bezzina Nasty Memories
Jun 15 Mary E. Lowd Birthday
Jun 16 Sue Burke With Wings of Intent
Jun 17 Shain Miles The Summer Jubilee
Jun 18 Reena Thomas A Daughter’s Waiting
Jun 19 Sam Rebelein Vomit
Jun 20 Jeremy Szal These Six Walls
Jun 21 Robert Boucheron Pitcher of Water
Jun 22 Daniel Ausema The Essences of Good and Evil
Jun 23 Desiree Wilkins Beep, Wheeze.
Jun 24 Karen R. Arbogast We Will Work It Out
Jun 25 Kasey Renee Shaw The Man Who Appeared
Jun 26 Simon Barker Dragon Lady
Jun 27 Alison McBain Subhero
Jun 28 Sharon L. Bachman Miracle Blend
Jun 29 Jacob K. LePretre Good
Jun 30 James Zahardis Bleeding in Ben-Day Space
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