June’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

For some reason, there seems to be… well, rather a lot of death in the stories we’ve selected this month. I do apologize to anyone who finds this a bit grim; it’s just that many of the best submissions we got involved death, one way or another. Sometimes this happens—a glut of some particular theme, some character type, some genre or setting—you’d almost think there’d been a writing prompt triggering it out there…

Having said that, is it weird to now say I hope you enjoy the stories we have for you this month?

For Readers

For Father’s Day on June 21st, we’re featuring “A Cigarette for Lester” by Christopher Owen.

For Writers

During the past few weeks, we’ve had some staff changes. We were sorry to see slush reader Michael Boettcher leave our team, and we hope you’ll join us in wishing him safe travels as he serves his country abroad. Lisa Finch and Melissa Reynolds have been promoted to editorial assistants, and we’re consequently looking to fill some slush reader openings.

Over at Flash Fiction Chronicles, we’re happy to welcome new managing editor Michael Mattson to carry on the work begun by Gay Degani and then Jim Harrington.

We’re currently looking for stories for July and August; that includes Canada Day, Independence Day, Bastille Day, and any summer stories you’d like to send us.

And now, here’s what you can look forward to over the course of this month…

June’s Table of Contents

Jun 1 Andy Lumborg Traditional Christmas In Port Talbot
Jun 2 Izabella Grace Layla’s Monster
Jun 3 Rob Francis Mercy
Jun 4 Dan Keeble Busy, Busy
Jun 5 Catherine Mathews Letters from Paris
Jun 6 Romana Guillotte Old Receipt
Jun 7 Amy Morris-Jones Carry On
Jun 8 Perry McDaid Fencing With the Master
Jun 9 Pam L. Wallace The Mirror Never Lies
Jun 10 Katherine Wingerter Chalk
Jun 11 P.J. Monroe Walk to the Lake
Jun 12 Janice Hager Blue Skies
Jun 13 William Erbele In Love
Jun 14 JT Gill Just Us Two
Jun 15 Derek McMillan Dead as a Dodo
Jun 16 Dan Malakin All the Animals and Me
Jun 17 Frances Howard-Snyder Faith
Jun 18 Hashim Hassan Coin for Chorus
Jun 19 Claire Morgan The Spice Cake
Jun 20 Benjmain Tyler Thacker Genetics
Jun 21 Christopher Owen A Cigarette for Lester
Jun 22 Daniel Boshoff Le Fantome
Jun 23 Megan Manzano Comatose
Jun 24 Chris Ovenden Peace for our Times
Jun 25 Kelly Ospina Deja Vu
Jun 26 Gio Clairval Mamma Fanelli Does Just as She Pleases
Jun 27 Vickie S. Miller The Things We Say
Jun 28 Alison Cooper A Heart Like Jasper’s
Jun 29 Jay Nelson Malitia!
Jun 30 Christopher Tepedino Mahogany Plane
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