June’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

Here we are in June, with the year almost half gone.

And on the subject of almost gone, this coming week is the last week of serialization for Gay Degani‘s novel What Came Before. It’s free to read online, but only until the end of serialization (and maybe a day or two of grace for slow readers to finish), after which you’ll have to buy it to read it. The hardcover is available now, and the paperback and e-book will be out at the end of the week to coincide with the wrapping up of the serialization. Remember, if you’re not already reading along with us, you can start with a teaser which also serves as a prologue to the novel, and then read the first chapter here.

The school year, too, is almost gone, and we wish the best of luck to anyone writing exams and/or graduating.

For Readers

It’s prom season at schools around now,  and we’re pleased to be able to feature not one but two prom-themed stories this month: Sarah Crysl Akhtar‘s “Restores to Original Condition” and Christopher Owen‘s “Lonely Boy”.

For Friday the 13th, we have a bit of horror for you — “The Hunger of Rats” by Moriah Geer-Hardwick. We suggest that you not read it after eating sausage or right before bedtime.

Finally, on Father’s Day (Sunday, June 15th), we will be offering you Gerald Warfield‘s beautiful ghost story “Bartholomew’s Passage”. For more, you can also take a look at past Father’s Day stories in our archives.

For Writers

We’re still looking for Canada Day and Independence Day stories, Bastille Day stories, and anything else that might be good for July — consider sending us some beach or camping stories, or have a look at this list for July inspiration (deadline June 26th, please). If you’re looking further ahead, check out this list for some fun August story ideas (deadline July 27th).

And with that said, we’re moving right along to our list of upcoming stories…

June’s Table of Contents

Jun 1 Stephen V. Ramey Hobbies
Jun 2 P.J. Monroe Milk
Jun 3 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Restores to Original Condition
Jun 4 Regina Solomond Teddy Bears and Cigarettes
Jun 5 Roy Dorman Go With Plan B
Jun 6 Jeri Dube First Love’s Loss
Jun 7 Benjamin Finateri Happy Birthday
Jun 8 KJ Kabza A Matter of Perception
Jun 9 Christopher Owen Lonely Boy
Jun 10 Russ Bickerstaff Employment Unknown
Jun 11 Aaron Polson Harvest
Jun 12 Carroll Dale Short May I Take Control Now?
Jun 13 Moriah Geer-Hardwick The Hunger of Rats
Jun 14 Teresa Davis The Call
Jun 15 Gerald Warfield Bartholomew’s Passage
Jun 16 Tom Britz The Jaywalker
Jun 17 Andy D Smith From Grace
Jun 18 Ben Warden Teddy
Jun 19 Karl Bell Barbed
Jun 20 D. A. Hosek Le Pont des Arts
Jun 21 Mark Noce Chronicles of the SFPD
Jun 22 Jessi Cole Jackson Remnants of a Quilter’s Memory
Jun 23 Karl MacDermott Godfrey Give Me
Jun 24 Valerie Lute Ye Sons of Toil
Jun 25 Lee Budar-Danoff The Folly of Her Generation
Jun 26 Jakob Drud View of an Apocalyptic Paradise
Jun 27 Sarada Gray Olympic Summer
Jun 28 Joe Christopher The Sommelier
Jun 29 Jane Williams A Code to Live By
Jun 30 Beth Cato Bad Snake Day
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