June’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

We’re already into June, closing out the first half of the year — hard to believe time has flown so fast. The end of the school year approaches, and camping and barbeques beckon.

We’re thrilled to present a new feature at EDF — tags! You may recently have noticed that now every story features tags at the bottom; clicking on them brings up a list of all our stories tagged with the same tag. It’s a great way to find more stories by the same author, more stories on a similar subject or theme, or more stories for a special holiday. As an example, if you wanted to see all the stories tagged as being about fairytales, you could go to www.everydayfiction.com/tag/fairytale/. Vampire stories? Try www.everydayfiction.com/tag/vampires/. You’ll also find a Tag Cloud if you scroll down our right-hand sidebar — it shows our 50 most-used tags, in alphabetical order, with size indicating the number of stories tagged. We hope you’ll enjoy this new feature, and maybe discover (or re-discover) some of our older stories along the way. Please note that it’s a work in progress and many of our older stories have not yet been tagged, but we’ll get to them all eventually…

Don’t forget to check out Lifting Up Veronica by K.C. Ball, just released by our sister imprint Every Day Novels. It’s a suspenseful story of rivalry, illicit relationships, unlikely friendship, and a tense courtroom battle, set against the backdrop of tent preaching and Signs Following believers in a small town in West Virginia.

For Readers

For the anniversary of D-Day on June 6th, we present “The D-Day Diorama” by Paul A. Freeman.

Then, for Father’s Day on June 16th, we bring you Christopher Owen‘s “Down Rail”. We wish all the fathers in our EDF community a very happy Father’s Day.

We haven’t got any stories for the summer solstice this time around, but as we head toward summer, we hope everyone has lots of beach-and-holiday reading material ready to go.

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For Writers

We’re looking for some Canada Day and Independence Day and Bastille Day stories for July. Please have them in by June 26th at the latest to be considered for July’s calendar. Also, summer stories in general are very welcome, and any holiday or festival or occasion you celebrate is worth writing about — just remember to submit it as Targeted so we know when it’s meant to be featured.

And now, here’s what we have lined up for this coming month…

June’s Table of Contents

Jun 1 David Macpherson The Inherent Problem with Crying at the Movies
Jun 2 Rebecca Schwarz The Horses
Jun 3 Lyn Brown Down, on the Farm
Jun 4 Randall Brown Good Reason & The Real One
Jun 5 Patricia Court Numantia
Jun 6 Paul A. Freeman The D-Day Diorama
Jun 7 Micah Joel Served
Jun 8 Ann Wilkes The Curse of Having Been a Man
Jun 9 Karoline Barrett Life Running By
Jun 10 Jack N. Waddell Changing in the Pale Light
Jun 11 Daniel Schoonmaker The Waitress’s Tattoo
Jun 12 Ryan Shiroma In Flight
Jun 13 Kristi Charish She Smelled Pretty
Jun 14 Jez Patterson But No Cigar
Jun 15 Von Rupert His First Wife
Jun 16 Christopher Owen Down Rail
Jun 17 Alexander Burns Monologues
Jun 18 Katherine Hart Bonefever
Jun 19 Tiffany John The Game
Jun 20 Oonah V Joslin Forever Berries
Jun 21 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Does Best in Ordinary Garden Soil
Jun 22 Tina Wayland Stella Remembers
Jun 23 H. S. A Jar of Jokes
Jun 24 Sylvia Spruck Wrigley Going All the Way
Jun 25 Autumn Keiss Creating Meaning
Jun 26 James Aquilone The Baseball Gods
Jun 27 Patrick Mahon Over-exposed
Jun 28 Lynn Vroman In Her Eyes
Jun 29 Harding McFadden Trampled
Jun 30 Rebecca Birch Three Red Roses
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