June’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

It’s hard to believe that we’re already coming into June, and getting near to summer, and we’re only three months out from EDF’s fifth birthday. It would be nice to do something special to mark that rather momentous occasion, so if anyone has a bright idea or two…

Particularly astute readers may have noticed the resurgence of podcasts at EDF. Author Folly Blaine has stepped up to manage our podcasts, recording some herself and coordinating others; if you’d be interested in recording a podcast of one of EDF’s published stories, please contact us so we can put you in touch with Folly to make it happen.

For Readers

Check out the table of contents below to see what names you might recognize; we’ve got some long-time EDF favourites back, which makes us very happy, and we’re also delighted as always to welcome new voices to our virtual pages.

For Father’s Day on June 17th, we’ll be featuring “Mornings, With Teenage Genius” by Jakob Drud.

For Writers

This month we’re welcoming three new slush readers to our team: Layla Blackwell, J.B. Michaud, and Dale Rappaneau. They’re already hard at work, so you’ll be seeing their feedback on your stories very soon. We’ve also promoted slush readers Tara Sim and Rose Gardener to Editorial Assistants, so they’ll be doing even more with us — thank you, Tara and Rose!

Right now we are rather urgently looking for Canada Day and Independence Day stories (before June 26th, please, and be sure to tag them as targeted so we don’t miss them). We’d also like to see some summer, beach, and camping stories over the next couple of month, but we are a global magazine — if anyone from the southern hemisphere would like to send us something wintery, we could roll with that too. On a similar note, we’re always happy to learn about holidays and special occasions around the world, so please do send us stories for anything you celebrate, even if we haven’t mentioned it here.

And now, on to the good stuff…

June’s Table of Contents

Jun 1 Lea Pryer Souvenir
Jun 2 Lydia Vonwyler Madame Holias
Jun 3 virgil fanous Indecision
Jun 4 Erin Cole Lavender, More than a Fragrance
Jun 5 Frank Cavallo Dragon Knight
Jun 6 Oonah V Joslin Tools of the Trade
Jun 7 Joseph Messina A Tale from the Tub
Jun 8 Ted Lietz Raptured
Jun 9 Carol D. O’Dell Dogwood
Jun 10 Jen Knox The Sighting
Jun 11 Cathy Douglas A Tale of Our Ancestors
Jun 12 Oleg Kazantsev Frost
Jun 13 E.M.Pearson Twist Twist Shake
Jun 14 Kristen Lee Knapp Time Passing at Zizi’s Diner
Jun 15 Nikki Owen French Connections
Jun 16 Kyle Bilinski Rookie
Jun 17 Jakob Drud Mornings, With Teenage Genius
Jun 18 Marisa Samuels Moe Simon’s Victory
Jun 19 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Telepathy of the Hunt
Jun 20 Paul Miller Noble Duty
Jun 21 Meera Jhala Ugly
Jun 22 L. Lambert Lawson The Poinsettia
Jun 23 H.M. McInnes The Red String
Jun 24 JR Hume Escape Route
Jun 25 Christopher Owen Meet Cute
Jun 26 Matt Daly Strikethrough
Jun 27 Sandra Davies Baker The Fountain
Jun 28 Laura Shepperson Smile and Wave
Jun 29 Mary Inez Dunn Before the Funeral
Jun 30 Natasha Cabot Flaking Away Like Red Snow
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