June’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

Our major news right now is a change in the editorial team at Every Day Fiction. We are sorry to lose Elissa Vann Struth as an editor at EDF; however, both Carol Clark and J.C. Towler have stepped up to take on her duties. Since to some degree editors’ personal tastes do influence what gets published, it will be interesting to see how Carol and John shape EDF’s choice of fiction going forward.

For Readers:

We have several great stories leading up to Father’s Day this month, starting with “The Nose on my Face” by Mary J. Daley on June 17th, followed by B. Jones‘ “No” on June 18th and Ruth Schiffmann‘s “Brush Strokes” on June 19th, and finally featuring “Renewal” by Wayne Scheer on Father’s Day, June 20th.

Our usual mix of stories for the month includes the return of Robert J. Santa and Cathryn Grant, among others, and we welcome newcomers to EDF such as Drake Koefoed and Elizabeth Creith.

For Writers:

We’ve had an almost complete changeover of slush readers this past month (only Michelle Jager is staying on), and we’re pleased to announce three slush readers so new that they don’t even have bios up on the staff page yet: Laura Crowe, Shelley Dayton, and Patricia La Barbera. Watch that page over the next week, though, so you can get to know the people who will be reading your work.

And now, the stories for the month ahead…

June’s Table of Contents

Jun 1 Drake Koefoed Bomb Squad
Jun 2 Stephen V. Ramey Cycles
Jun 3 Cathryn Grant The Festering Wound
Jun 4 Elizabeth Creith Kitsune
Jun 5 Gavin Broom The Boy and the Broken Bird
Jun 6 Aaron Polson Better Lessons
Jun 7 Michael McDonnell Gold
Jun 8 steven woods David Young Sat on the Armrest
Jun 9 Darlyn Herradura The Disappearance of Maria Sandoval
Jun 10 Gustavo Bondoni Tehuelche
Jun 11 Elizabeth M. Thurmond Choking Gall and Preserving Sweet
Jun 12 Kristen Lee Knapp A Child is Born
Jun 13 Matthias R. Gollackner Nobody Notices Me
Jun 14 Deborah Winter-Blood Living Among Us
Jun 15 JR Hume Recruiting Trip
Jun 16 Dale Ivan Smith Playing It Out
Jun 17 Mary J. Daley The Nose on my Face
Jun 18 B. Jones No
Jun 19 Ruth Schiffmann Brush Strokes
Jun 20 Wayne Scheer Renewal
Jun 21 Victorya Saline Solution
Jun 22 Maria H. McDonald A Perfect Envelope
Jun 23 Robert J. Santa The Thousandth Death
Jun 24 Uzma Imran Baptism
Jun 25 Clint Wastling The Night Depository
Jun 26 Stef Hall Pieces
Jun 27 Jerry Kraft Inside
Jun 28 Anna Sykora Saved by a Lawn Ornament
Jun 29 Fred Warren Bullies With Big Fat Heads
Jun 30 Nancy Wilcox At Charlie’s
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