July’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

For Readers:

Welcome to another month of Every Day Fiction! Word has started to get out about our little magazine and we’ve seen a spike in story submissions, so July’s Table of Contents is a real treat. We’ve brought back authors like Nick Logan, whose story Desert Island Solitaire, or, a Good Cigar is a Smoke was so well received, and Nicholas Ozment, author of Uncle Lester Had a Hammer. We’ve also picked up stories from new  names like Jonathan Pinnock and Megan Arkenberg.

Due to an administrative SNAFU, our June Author Interview never went out. So this month we’ll have two interviews, one on the 15th and a second on the 16th. Can you guess who was June’s most read author? May’s?

Finally, since we’ve introduced the “star” rating system, our stories have received thousands of ratings. Some stories have received nearly 200 votes. We take your ratings into careful consideration when selecting new stories, but now we need some help. Our first anniversary is coming up  on September 1st–that’s right, we’ve been publishing a story every day for ten months and counting–and we’re planning to publish a “Best of Every Day Fiction” anthology, selected from the first year’s stories. The star rating is a major factor in selecting those stories, but we introduced our rating system a few months after we started publishing, so nearly a hundred stories  have gone  unrated. If you have a few extra minutes at work (or whenever you’re at your computer), please select a Table of Contents from September, October, or November and rate some of the stories. Who knows? You could find some buried treasure in our archives.

That said, please enjoy our July Table of Contents!

For Writers:

Every Day Fiction is pleased to add a new Slush Reader to the team. Scott Cosby will be joining us starting on July 9th. His picture and bio will be posted in the About the Staff section of the site. Scott is a freelance writer/editor with almost 2 years of experience. He’s had over 500 articles published on
the internet from news format to technical writing. We’re looking forward to working with Scott and feel like he’ll be a great addition to the site.

Finally, the EDF Writing group hosted by K.C. Ball is going strong in our forums, but to protect the group’s privacy and the publication status of the stories being critiqued, you may not be able to locate the group. Please contact us if you’d like to join.

July’s Table of Contents

July 1 Sarah Black Wood from the River
July 2 Alex Watson Beloaralsk
July 3 Alex Moisi Garden Furniture and the Apocalypse
July 4 DJ Barber The First Fourth
July 5 K.C. Ball The Mixture
July 6 Kevin Shamel To Save the Disco
July 7 Milan Smith A Bad Day Got Better
July 8 Sarah Hilary Post-Apoc Play (in beta)
July 9 Brian Dolton If We Were Briar Roses
July 10 Kim McDougall Touched
July 11 B. Teuscher Rain
July 12 Kathleen Mack One Toke Over
July 13 A.C. Wise The Chupacabra in Love
July 14 Dave Macpherson Forbidden Planet
July 15 Peter Tupper Sparkers
July 16 Oonah V Joslin Division
July 17 Edward Caputo Gruff
July 18 Ishwar Hello
July 19 Allison Sherman Garden of Promises
July 20 Bill Ward Gandolo of the Watchful Eye
July 21 Nicholas Ozment The Only Difference Between Men and Boys…
July 22 Carlos Navarro The Killer Fog
July 23 Nick Logan The Next Move
July 24 Bill West Eternity
July 25 Scott M. Sandridge Sleep Paralysis
July 26 Joanna M. Weston The Train
July 27 Frank Roger Hellish Paradise
July 28 Jonathan Pinnock Cock Up
July 29 Megan Arkenberg The Soucouyant
July 30 Madeline Mora-Summonte A Quarter For Your Thoughts
July 31 Amy Sisson The Lion Tamer’s Sock
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