July’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

We’re back! We really are back! It feels so good to have stories queued up for publication again. Thank you all for your patience! We can’t promise a hiccup-free journey from here on out, but we’re feeling pretty optimistic.

For Readers

Do writers who are willing to test computer systems write primarily speculative fiction? Our calendar this month is pretty well full of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, with just a little bit of humor and literary writing.

For the moment, we’re publishing stories on weekdays only, just until we’re up to full capacity. But if you’re looking for something to read on the weekends, our archives hold nearly three thousand stories for your reading pleasure — you can browse by genre, by month, or follow a tag trail by clicking on tags at the bottom of stories (from rock bands to space ships to aliens to cats).

Remember to give the stories you read some love with stars and comments; one of the nicest things you can do for our authors is to let them know you’ve read their stories.

For Writers

Our third group of alpha test authors is being integrated into our new submission system right now, and things are beginning to work more smoothly. We’re hoping to open it up to a public beta (everyone gets to test the system) by the end of this month.

For anyone wondering why we don’t just open it up to everyone right away, it’s because we don’t have all the icing on the cake yet so the user interface isn’t as intuitive as we’d like it to be — running the site through a closed test group lets us walk each user through a tutorial and known issues guide, and lets us solve the problems that come up without having to explain them to hundreds or thousands of individual users.

Joining our Facebook Roundtable will let you stay up to date on exactly what’s happening with EDF, our submission system, and more.

But now, after way too long, here it is…

July’s Table of Contents

Jul 7 Alexander Burns Interrogation Cupcakes
Jul 8 Cory Cone 2 AM at a Motel in the City
Jul 11 Peter Wood Blind Side
Jul 12 Carl Steiger Strawberry Kisses
Jul 13 Edward Ashton Morning Sun
Jul 14 Oscar Windsor-Smith Insurrection
Jul 15 Mark Wolf Dragon Slaying by Proxy
Jul 18 Amy Sisson Leeland and Dunce, On the Case
Jul 19 Jareb Collins Heroes Be Damned
Jul 20 Liz Walker A Piece of Her Self
Jul 21 Graham Brand Vent Act
Jul 22 Rosalie Kempthorne Stan
Jul 25 Rita A. Popp On Impulse
Jul 26 Katherine Toran Expendable
Jul 27 Stephen S. Power Candle, Card and Mirror
Jul 28 Dave D’Alessio The Big Blow-up
Jul 29 Gerald Warfield The Passing of the Book
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