July’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

It’s not often that we introduce a new editor at EDF, but now and again the time comes. Please welcome our newest editor, Jenn Q. Goddu, who has been around EDF as a slush reader and then editorial assistant since January 2013, and has definitely shown that she has the skills and editorial eye for the job.

We’re halfway through the year now, so it’s time for a little reminder: if you’re a regular reader but not already a Patreon supporter, why not? Please visit our Patreon page today and consider supporting our ongoing flow of stories—every dollar counts and goes toward keeping the magazine alive.

For Readers

This (Canadian) editor is a little sad that once again we got zero maple-leafy submissions for Canada Day, but on the other hand, our American readers get not one but three Independence Day stories, starting with “Happy Dependence Day” by Paul A. Freeman on July 3rd and wrapping up with “Great Girls” by Deborah Siegel on July 5th. Right in the middle on July 4th, we’re delighted to present our past editor J.C. Towler‘s return to the writing side of EDF with “Punch Buggy”. Enjoy!

For Writers

August isn’t really a month of major holidays, but we’d love to see some camping and summer vacation stories, and maybe some end-of-summer pieces too. We’re also ready to start seeing Labour Day and back-to-school stories for September — don’t forget to make a note in the Targeted field so they end up in the right place to be considered in time.

But enough of all that; here’s the good stuff you’ve been waiting for…

July’s Table of Contents

Jul 1 Alan Watkins The Time Seller
Jul 2 David Macpherson A Policy for Visitors at Reynold’s Home for Retired Time Travelers
Jul 3 Paul A. Freeman Happy Dependence Day
Jul 4 J.C. Towler Punch Buggy
Jul 5 Deborah Siegel Great Girls
Jul 6 Eddie D. Moore Living Ink
Jul 7 Janice Hager Midnight in Kansas
Jul 8 Tim Major For a Tooth
Jul 9 Isabella David McCaffrey Potemkin Girl
Jul 10 Gustavo Bondoni A Gathering of Ashes
Jul 11 Eric Del Carlo God Curse Us
Jul 12 Justin DeFerbrache Drawing
Jul 13 Mark Richardson Help Wanted
Jul 14 Michael Burrows The Brothers Rose
Jul 15 Dustin Adams Final Message
Jul 16 Ty Karnitz The Knight
Jul 17 Allyson Leskovic July Heat
Jul 18 Cyn Bermudez A Yellow Wood
Jul 19 Dianne Williams Tough Climb
Jul 20 Holly Geely Like Father, Like Daughter
Jul 21 Cheryl Whitten Because of Her
Jul 22 Karl Lykken A Certain Future
Jul 23 Carol Malkin The Train to Marseilles
Jul 24 Jon Clapier Mem Dealer
Jul 25 Anne E. Johnson The Eloquence Ward
Jul 26 G.T.MacMillan The Hole In The Floor Of The Shed
Jul 27 Cathleen Townsend Dragon Hoard
Jul 28 Tom Hadrava Can´t Do It
Jul 29 Chip Houser Dead Spider Curl
Jul 30 Steffany Willey Noted
Jul 31 Christopher Owen Charming the Perch
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