July’s Table of Contents

From The Editors

We hope you enjoy whatever holiday(s) you happen to be celebrating this month — there are a few of them around the world (if Canada/Dominion Day, Independence Day, and Bastille Day aren’t enough for you, go Google “Flitch Day”).

In between camping and picnics and barbecues and fireworks and all of summer’s attendant loveliness, don’t forget about Every Day Fiction. As always, we need your support and company to keep going… subscribe on Kindle for reading convenience, hang out with us on Facebook (our currently featured question is: “When it comes to reading and writing fiction, where do you fit in?”) and give us a “like” because that makes us feel all fuzzy, take a minute to comment on a story or join a forum discussion, and above all, tell your friends about EDF.

For Readers

Unfortunately, we don’t have any Canada Day stories for you (no one sent us any… sob!), but we do have a pair of what you might call alternative looks at historical times for Independence Day, so on July 3rd and 4th we will be offering you “The Past, Imperfect” by Frank Cavallo followed with “Founding Principals” by Brian K. Lowe.

For Writers

Writers, take note: we didn’t get any Canada Day or Bastille Day stories. Not one. Not even an unpublishably bad one. Think for a moment about what this means for your chances of having a special-day story selected. What holidays and special occasions are coming up in August, September and October? Consider this opportunity your inspiration.

We’re very pleased to welcome new slush reader Jonathan Cardew, who also has a story for you on July 11th — we recruited him almost simultaneously with the acceptance email for his story.

July’s Table of Contents

Jul 1 Michelle Pretorius Baggage Claim
Jul 2 Christopher Owen Oh, Titania
Jul 3 Frank Cavallo The Past, Imperfect
Jul 4 Brian K. Lowe Founding Principals
Jul 5 Eric Dovigi Flappers and Skyscrapers
Jul 6 Ted Lietz Hemingway Would Understand
Jul 7 Samiri Shreve Dancing in the Rain
Jul 8 Bracken MacLeod Leave Here Alone
Jul 9 Barbara A. Barnett The Little Things
Jul 10 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Woodcutter’s Kiss
Jul 11 Jonathan Cardew Looking After
Jul 12 Dustin Adams The Stat Board of John Peterson
Jul 13 Jane Roop The Perfect Alibi
Jul 14 Sarah Jenne Foster Five Minute Savior
Jul 15 E. W. Boget Souls At Zero
Jul 16 Simon Barker The Non-Opening Window
Jul 17 Bruce Holland Rogers Vanishing Act
Jul 18 Daniel Ausema The Chief Censor
Jul 19 Nicholas Lee Huff Smitten
Jul 20 Hashim Hassan Road Race Red
Jul 21 Jillian Schmidt Last Respects
Jul 22 Jennifer Campbell-Hicks The Spinners
Jul 23 Shawna Reppert Diplomatic Maneuvers
Jul 24 Michael Haynes Present Company
Jul 25 Sarah Wilson Selective Sight
Jul 26 Beth Cato Pest Control
Jul 27 Sarah Butterfield Close
Jul 28 Nancy Nguyen Guys that Smoke
Jul 29 Camilla Chester The Truth About Ronnie Grey
Jul 30 William Doonan Shark Orbit
Jul 31 E. Catherine Tobler Key to the Kingdom
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