July’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

We hope you’re enjoying good weather and (if this is a holiday long weekend for you) any parades, barbecues, or other festivities you might have planned. Cheers!

For Readers

For Canada Day (sort of, anyway) we have “It’s About a Moose?” by Townsend Walker, and for Independence Day, we have “Subdivision Smack-Down” by Mary Ann Back. Then, for Bastille Day on July 14th, we have “Bouffant” by Samantha Memi.

We’re also bringing you some nice ghost stories for summer camp-out nights, mixed in with the usual eclectic blend of genres and voices.

Do you ever wonder what makes a top story? What grabs the most reads, generates the biggest buzz, gets the highest reader votes, and so on? Barry Friesen‘s story “Hat Trick” was the top story for May 2011 at EDF — he was interviewed by Erin Kelly at Flash Fiction Chronicles last month.

For Writers

Apparently July is Flash Fiction Month over at deviantART. Why not write a flash fiction piece a day with them?

Our editors are still looking for a few summer stories and we’re ready for end-of-summer, back-to-school and Labour Day pieces too.

Don’t forget, August is the last month of stories eligible for The Best of Every Day Fiction Four — if you want a chance to be included in our next anthology, better get those stories in quick! And if you’re new to EDF and don’t know about our best-of book series, you should definitely check it out.

And now, on to the stories for July…

July’s Table of Contents

Jul 1 Townsend Walker It’s About a Moose?
Jul 2 Moana Brantwood The Unwanted Wish
Jul 3 Charlotte Nash The Two Boys
Jul 4 Mary Ann Back Subdivision Smack-Down
Jul 5 Ruth Schiffmann Deep Water
Jul 6 Annie Tupek Eve of Destruction
Jul 7 Virgie Townsend Even When
Jul 8 Gale Haut Tentacular
Jul 9 Sandra Crook Ouma and the Wood Pigeon
Jul 10 Sophie Playle Screaming Red Paint
Jul 11 Stephen Duffin Maud
Jul 12 Sylvia Hiven Not Enough Venus
Jul 13 Wayne Scheer A Good Citizen
Jul 14 Samantha Memi Bouffant
Jul 15 Carla Sarett For Better or Worse
Jul 16 A.I. Wright Heaven for Heroes
Jul 17 Dean Giles Harold Smalls’ Big Adventure
Jul 18 Paul Salvette A Daughter’s Inquiry
Jul 19 Jeff Samson Let The Bastards See Your Teeth
Jul 20 Michael Peralta Scholar’s Mate
Jul 21 Randall Brown Shades
Jul 22 Jamie Feldman Rubber Boots
Jul 23 Jonathan Ruland The Sounds in the Woods
Jul 24 Mary J. Daley Long Ago and Far Away
Jul 25 Christopher Allen …and Counting
Jul 26 Gay Degani Oranges
Jul 27 Isabella Boettcher Eggs
Jul 28 JR Hume The Woman in Blue
Jul 29 Henry Lara My Death in Three Parts
Jul 30 Mark Oliver Great-Grandma’s Hands
Jul 31 Douglas Campbell Dead In Blue Heaven
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