July’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

This past month, Every Day Fiction was in the news — Kevin Young, our marketing & public relations representative, spoke with Gillian Shaw of the Vancouver Sun newspaper, and as a result, EDF was featured in a fantastic article, both in print and online, including a super-glamorous photograph. The article was subsequently picked up by the Saskatoon StarPhoenix (though sadly without the photo).

As well as saying lovely things about what we do here, the article also let out the secret about what we’re up to next, so it’s not a secret any more: we’re adding Every Day Novels to the Every Day Publishing family, to offer serialized novels — all the bite-sized craftsmanship of flash fiction, with the depth and complexity of a novel. If you’re interested in helping shape how these serialized novels will be offered, what a subscription should include, and what genres and styles you’d like to see, please take a moment and fill out a short survey (only eight questions!).

For Readers:

Sadly, we have no Canada Day or Independence Day stories for you (no one sent us any). However, on June 16th, we’re featuring “Sleeping” by Daniel Austin Warren in honour of the fact that on that day in 1951, Nash K. Burger published Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger — so, perhaps not a holiday or famous occasion, but… an occasion.

We also have the usual variety of work, including stories by returning favourites such as Erin M. Kinch and Mickey Mills, as well as newcomers to EDF including John Keel and Amber Foster.

For Writers:

We’re always interested in stories that mark special days or occasions, no matter how obscure. Plus, please do consider sending us pieces targeted at major holidays, seasons, etc. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day/Veterans’ Day, etc. are all on the horizon, and we’re also interested in back-to-school and autumn pieces.

And now, the stories for the month ahead…

July’s Table of Contents

Jul 1 Alastair McIntyre No Cause for Alarm
Jul 2 J.R. Hochman Jabbers
Jul 3 S O Asante All His Favourites
Jul 4 Erin M. Kinch The Vote
Jul 5 Rickey Rivers Jr. The Result of the Argument
Jul 6 Tanya L. Schofield Chance Encounter
Jul 7 Oonah V Joslin Turn About
Jul 8 JR Hume Self Promotion
Jul 9 Kathee Jantzi Why Not Me?
Jul 10 Joshua Tate The Animal
Jul 11 Kyle Hemmings The Dance Floor
Jul 12 John Keel Betting Kevin
Jul 13 Gay Degani To Have and To Hold
Jul 14 Peter Tupper Disappearing Girl
Jul 15 Amber Foster Fallen
Jul 16 Daniel Austin Warren Sleeping
Jul 17 Manuel Royal Earth Air Fire
Jul 18 AJ Smith Echo
Jul 19 Walter Giersbach Day of Moving Hell
Jul 20 Jonathan Pinnock The Colour of Criticism
Jul 21 Therese Arkenberg Few Are Called…
Jul 22 Mickey Mills One in Four Shot
Jul 23 Gaius Coffey Alexei
Jul 24 Bret Bass No Eternities, Only Moments
Jul 25 David Macpherson Fright Wig
Jul 26 James Burt A Bad Place to Stick Your Hand
Jul 27 Amanda Hayter In the Key of Love
Jul 28 Deborah Winter-Blood Birds of Prey
Jul 29 Ramon Rozas III One Afternoon in Geneva
Jul 30 Steven Saus Precipitation
Jul 31 Wayne Scheer A Good Woman
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