July’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

Welcome to another month of Every Day Fiction.

You can always be confident that the editorial team at EDF is staying on the cutting edge of the craft of writing. As you read this, managing editor Jordan Lapp is at the prestigious Clarion West writing workshop — for anyone who’s interested, he’s blogging about it at Without Really Trying. Meanwhile, in similar news, slush reader K.C. Ball is currently attending Jim Gunn’s Science Fiction Writers Workshop, and she’s blogging about that at A Moving Line.

Our last editorial was so full that we didn’t have a chance to mention that Gay Degani is no longer reading slush, as she has her hands more than full with our Flash Fiction Chronicles blog. If you have something to say about flash fiction, check out the blog submission guidelines. This also means that we’re short one slush reader, so we’re taking applications — and if you’re worried about not being able to submit stories to EDF, bear in mind that the commitment is only for three months and offers a valuable learning experience for any writer (though you don’t have to be a writer to read slush).

For Readers:

Unfortunately, we don’t have anything as special features for Canada Day or Independence Day or Bastille Day (or Pi Approximation Day, for that matter), but we wish you happy days wherever you are and whatever you celebrate in July. We do have a great mix of stories for your reading pleasure, with returning favourites including Nicholas Ozment and Frank Roger, as well as newcomers to EDF such as Priscilla Kipp and Jeremy Lightner.

For Writers:

We can’t do holiday features if you won’t send us holiday stories!  Remember, 60 to 120 days in advance of the holiday month is our ideal window for special-date submissions, so start thinking about those Halloween stories now…

July’s Table of Contents

July 1 (story removed)
July 2 William Wood Recipe
July 3 J.C. Towler Legends Collide
July 4 Walter Giersbach Death in the Afternoon
July 5 Grant Bergland “I Love You”
July 6 Marc Bona Shakers
July 7 Tapes Alice
July 8 Aaron Polson Inked
July 9 Glenn Head On/Off
July 10 elissa vann struth A Little Bit of a Good Thing
July 11 Angela Carlton The Songbird
July 12 J.P. Tioga The Only Thing Left To Do
July 13 Jon Gibbs Wild West Justice
July 14 Jeanne Holtzman When the Moon is in the Seventh House
July 15 Lia Molly Deromedi Leftovers
July 16 Elizabeth M. Thurmond Modern Love
July 17 Nicholas Ozment Two Roads Diverged in a Wood
July 18 Rhonda Parrish Why Are the Clocks Melting?
July 19 Anne Brooke The Skeleton Wood
July 20 Paul A. Freeman A Gothic Adventure
July 21 Jenny Schwartz No Enemy But Time
July 22 David J. Rank A Giving Heart
July 23 Priscilla Kipp Amen
July 24 Jeremy Lightner Ramon-3
July 25 Therese Arkenberg Firebringer
July 26 Andrew S. Fuller Adrift
July 27 Frank Roger The Big Farewell Party At The End Of Time And Other Historical Documentaries
July 28 J.A. Matthews Cocooned
July 29 Scott W. Baker How Quickly We Forget
July 30 Joshua Tate Cat Lovers
July 31 TW Williams Squatter’s Rights
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