January’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

Happy New Year! May the year 2015 bring you all the best. Let us raise our virtual glasses in a toast to the year that’s past and the year to come — with all the great stories we have read and will read.

And with the new year comes voting time in the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll! Every Day Fiction is eligible for your votes in the Fiction Magazines category, and we have a number of stories nominated in several of the short story categories (horror / romance / sci-fi & fantasy / other) or you can nominate your own favourites. If you read Flash Fiction Chronicles, you might also want to cast a vote in the Writers’ Resource category, and fans of Gay Degani’s novel What Came Before, which we published last year, will also want to help it climb the mystery novel standings. Thank you for any votes you care to give us, and you can check out the current standings as voting is open until January 14th.

Finally, don’t forget that EDF is able to continue publishing daily stories only because of our amazing volunteer editorial team and our generous friends and supporters who keep the virtual lights on for us through Patreon. Please join me in saying a huge thank you to those who give their time and money in the background to make these daily stories possible.

For Readers

We wanted to choose something uplifting for New Year’s Day, to start the year on a positive note, so today we’re bringing you “Pearl” by Karen Bayly. Enjoy.

For Writers

We’re now looking at Valentine stories, so get them in before January 27th. If you’re feeling lucky, you could also start thinking about St. Patrick’s Day for March, not to mention spring break, and then we’ll be looking for Easter and Passover stories for April too.

But right now, here are the stories you’ll be reading this month…

January’s Table of Contents

Jan 1 Karen Bayly Pearl
Jan 2 Brandon Ketchum An Act of Consequence
Jan 3 Amber K Bryant Blinding Light
Jan 4 MCCasey Rule Change
Jan 5 Lucy Gregg Muir For Whom the Bills Mowed
Jan 6 Karen Pullen Brown Jersey Cow
Jan 7 Adam Musil The Last Flight of Admiral Franco Talbot
Jan 8 Stephen V. Ramey Life in the Hood
Jan 9 M. P. Rossi The Wind’s Betrayal
Jan 10 Matthew King Separation
Jan 11 Louise Lemieux Hindsight
Jan 12 Kathleen Jowitt Be Careful What You Pray For
Jan 13 Dan Blunk Rig #9
Jan 14 Laura Lee Cascada Size Ten Shoe
Jan 15 Sean Jones Birthday O’Clock
Jan 16 Nicole C. Ford Favorite
Jan 17 Li B.Y. Ralph The Executioner’s Dread
Jan 18 Ajay Patri Early Morning Enlightenment
Jan 19 Daniel Kahn The Register
Jan 20 Sean McLachlan The Fish Eaters
Jan 21 Jeff Switt Hopscotch
Jan 22 Shane Halbach An Engineered Product
Jan 23 Pam L. Wallace Perfect Game
Jan 24 Jacey Bedford Late Breakfast
Jan 25 Christina Morris First Tattoo
Jan 26 Jim Brennan Crusty Guru
Jan 27 JR Hume The Promise
Jan 28 Michelle Chan The Perfect Wife
Jan 29 Kevin Thomas Conroy The Right of Passage
Jan 30 Sandy Parsons I am Pirli, You are Oona
Jan 31 Sarah Goslee Carrying Butterflies
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