January’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

Happy New Year! May the year ahead be glorious and full of great fiction.

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For Readers

Today, for New Year’s Day, we’re featuring “Resolutions” by Rohini Gupta. Then, just to extend the New Year celebration a bit, we’re also offering Stephen V. Ramey‘s “Twist and Turn” on January 2nd.

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For Writers

We need those Valentine’s Day stories from you as soon as possible (deadline January 27th, please)!

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January’s Table of Contents

Jan 1 Rohini Gupta Resolution
Jan 2 Stephen V. Ramey Twist and Turn
Jan 3 James Coates Making The Jump
Jan 4 Peter Padraic O’Sullivan The Boy Who Loved the Wind
Jan 5 Peter Wood A Waste of Time
Jan 6 Derek McMillan The Rowing Machine
Jan 7 Jennifer Campbell-Hicks Djinn Coin
Jan 8 Carla J. Dow The Stain
Jan 9 Conda V. Douglas Momento Mori
Jan 10 TCC Edwards Fierce
Jan 11 Austin Prettyman The Painting
Jan 12 Joe Zabel Bed of Glass
Jan 13 JOhn Forrest Mission Accomplished
Jan 14 Michael Haynes Splitting Heirs
Jan 15 A. W. Mason The Keeper of the Goldfish
Jan 16 Jez Patterson The Party Boy
Jan 17 Anthony Petro Sequins
Jan 18 Nicholas Mathewson Little Beige Nostalgia
Jan 19 Justin Hoffman It Happened
Jan 20 Alex Johnston Of Sorcerers and Demons
Jan 21 Jamie Anne Richardson Speed Dating
Jan 22 James C.G. Shirk Rebel
Jan 23 Aaron Emmel The Prediction Engine
Jan 24 Kyle Hemmings We Married for All the Right Reasons
Jan 25 David Schultz Our Lady of the Chickens
Jan 26 Ursula Wong A Rustle in the Leaves
Jan 27 Rhys Timson The Reason
Jan 28 Milo James Fowler Captain Quasar and the Coliseum of…
Jan 29 Oscar Windsor-Smith No Alligators in Virginia
Jan 30 Sylvia Hiven Remains
Jan 31 R M Graves Ever Before Me
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