January’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

Happy New Year!

You may have noticed that “Forums” has been replaced by “Community” in the black menu bar across the top of our site. Yes, with the close of 2012, I think we can pretty much say that the age of the message board forum is over, as online discussion has moved almost entirely over to social media. Our old forums had started throwing out error messages and causing problems with the whole site, and they were hardly being used anymore anyway, so they’ve been archived in a read-only format, in case you need or want to look through them, and we’ve created a Community page with links to the places where our new discussions are happening. Please come join us in whichever place(s) you prefer to hang out.

As usual in early January, it’s time for the Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll — would you take a moment to give us a vote in the Fiction Magazine/e-zines category? We’ve also got several stories already nominated in the various Short Story categories, so check to see if one of your favourites is already gathering votes.

For Readers

We hope you’re enjoying your daily stories from Every Day Fiction. In fact, so many people are enjoying EDF’s stories that we’ve had to upgrade our hardware to accommodate the demand (we’re now using 157GB of bandwidth each month). Unfortunately, this upgrade isn’t cheap and more than doubles our previous hardware/hosting costs — in 2013 we will be paying almost $50 a month — and our banner advertising revenue through Google Ads will now barely cover that, which means paying authors for the stories you read now puts us completely in the red (EDF is entirely volunteer-operated, and none of us take a penny for what we do, but we need to pay our authors). If one quarter of our regular readers/subscribers would donate $5 a year, we’d be fine; that’s about the price of a latte, and not even the price of one paperback book, but to us it would make a huge difference. Every dollar counts. If you read and enjoy EDF on a regular basis, please consider giving a little something to help us out.

Your New Year’s Day story is “The Fresh Start” by Von Rupert.

For Writers

We’re pleased to announce that Dustin Adams has joined our team of slush readers; he has taken the place of Laura Barnett, who moved on to other things in mid-November. We of course miss Laura, but it’s exciting to have Dustin on our team (you may have read his story “The Gift” back in November and his interview at FFC in December). We’re also delighted to welcome Jenn Goddu, who is about to start as a slush reader with us as well. Dustin’s bio is already up on our staff page, and we hope to get Jenn’s up there shortly too.

Moving forward, we need those Valentine stories (or anti-Valentine) stories by January 27th at the latest, and don’t forget to mark them Targeted so we can find them. You might also want to note that we will be publishing our 2000th story at the end of February, so we’re looking for something extra-special for that day… No doubt you always send us your best work, as any good writer does, but this might be a time to pull out all the stops and try to outdo yourself.

And now, here are your stories for January 2013…

January’s Table of Contents

Jan 1 Von Rupert The Fresh Start
Jan 2 Justin N Davies Worm Hole
Jan 3 Ian Breen Annuals
Jan 4 Hashim Hassan Basic Rules of Public Transportation
Jan 5 Vijay Matheswaran Balancing Act
Jan 6 Gavin McCall Through the Fence
Jan 7 Susan Lanigan Do You Know Who I Am?
Jan 8 Gustavo Bondoni Illuminations
Jan 9 Cat Rambo The Passing of Grandmother’s Quilt
Jan 10 Wayne Scheer The Diner
Jan 11 Michelle Ann King Out Shopping in Hyperspace
Jan 12 Sarah Crysl Akhtar The Well-Tempered Subordinate
Jan 13 E. M. Byrne Ovituary
Jan 14 Patricia C. Anderson Red Handed
Jan 15 Camille Griep Krug
Jan 16 Maura Glynn-Thami Carpe Ianua: Seize the Door
Jan 17 MAB Lee The Good Stuff
Jan 18 Ian Florida The Stars Are Closer Than You Know
Jan 19 Jim Brennan I Died Today in the Middle of a Two-Hour Run
Jan 20 J.D. Rice Breadcrumbs
Jan 21 Suzanne Conboy-Hill Accounting for Nitwits
Jan 22 Kevin McNeil The Merry Jester
Jan 23 T.C. Powell In Line
Jan 24 Gavin Broom The Proper Name For Killing Birds
Jan 25 Irena Pasvinter And What About Me
Jan 26 Melissa Nott Lifeline
Jan 27 Joyce Chong The Last Time the Pipes Were Drunk
Jan 28 Robert Lowell Russell There’s Construction on Your Road to Doom
Jan 29 Rebecca Rozakis Nettles
Jan 30 Paul Malone Walnut
Jan 31 Chelsea Resnick Words for the Ash
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