January’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

It’s New Year’s Eve, so let’s keep this simple: to all of you, our readers and writers, new visitors and old friends, across the world and across the street, we wish all the very best of things and dreams come true in 2011. Take care, celebrate safely and joyously, and Happy New Year!

For Readers

As always, we hope you’ll enjoy our selection of stories this month.

We are pleased to announce that The Best of Every Day Poets One has just been released for sale. This first book of poetry from Every Day Publishing features poems selected from Every Day Poets‘ first year of publication. Several authors whose flash fiction you’ve enjoyed here also write poetry and are included in the newly-released book.

For Writers

We have now started a Wish List thread in our forums, so we can keep you up to date with what we’re actively looking for and short on. Look for an update in the next couple of days as we look at our calendar going forward and figure out what we’ll be needing over the coming weeks.

Also, we are very close to finalizing our list of stories for inclusion in The Best of Every Day Fiction Three, so the lucky authors should be seeing emails going out shortly.

January’s Table of Contents

Jan 1 Nick Lewandowski Beirut Red
Jan 2 Tripp Watson A Cold Walk Home
Jan 3 Darren Cormier Cough Drops
Jan 4 Patrick S. Tomlinson Dakor’s Dilemma
Jan 5 Virgie Townsend Seventeen
Jan 6 Ramon Rozas III Prior Art
Jan 7 Jacqueline May Those Who Remain
Jan 8 Irena Pasvinter Memoirs of a Pause
Jan 9 Dale Phillips Heartsounds
Jan 10 Gaius Coffey Understatement
Jan 11 Wayne Scheer A Cowboy in Tight Jeans
Jan 12 Stephen V. Ramey Fuchsia
Jan 13 Heather O’Connell The Man From Under the Stairs
Jan 14 Anita Sivakumaran First Embrace
Jan 15 Heather Holland Wheaton It’s a Living
Jan 16 Michael Pelc Hold the Olives
Jan 17 Suzanne Conboy-Hill Moonrise
Jan 18 JR Hume The Last Station
Jan 19 Kristine Ong Muslim Flowers, Secrets
Jan 20 M.Sherlock The Pirate and Poseidon
Jan 21 Kate Murray Letter to You After Thirteen Months
Jan 22 L.A.Craig You Always Say That
Jan 23 T.K. Lee Spider Lily
Jan 24 Eric Cline #2@Area51
Jan 25 Erin Lawless Some Thoughts
Jan 26 M. Jacobo Hit and Miss
Jan 27 Deborah Winter-Blood Our Father
Jan 28 Ken Liu The Chase
Jan 29 Chaiti Sen Embolism
Jan 30 Christopher James The Caretaker of the Volcano
Jan 31 Ryan Gregory Thomas Salmonella
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