January’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

Happy New Year!

We’ve got a couple of resolutions to share with you: we plan to improve our submission response time, and above all get it back under 60 days, and we also aim to reinstate the author interviews and keep them running on a monthly basis. Do you have any reading/writing/publication goals you’d like to share? Feel free to add them in the comments below — it would be interesting to know what our community is going to be working toward in the coming months.

In other news, watch for a special announcement on January 6th when The Best of Every Day Fiction Two is officially released, and if you can get to Vancouver, Canada, on January 30th, come celebrate the launch with us.

For Readers:

We’ve got the usual great batch of stories this month, from new voices such as Anthony Cowin and G.P. Ching as well as some of your long-time favourites including Stephanie Scarborough and Fred Warren.

For Writers:

We are now looking for stories to feature around Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter. You may already have noticed that our improved submission form has a “Targeted story” field — if the story is intended for a specific timeframe, you can enter the holiday, occasion, month or season. Our amazing database, designed by webmaster Steven Smethurst, now collects all targeted stories in one place, so we can be sure of finding all the best pieces when we’re making selections for a specific occasion.

January’s Table of Contents

Jan 1 Anthony Cowin Golden Sparks
Jan 2 A P Charman Truce
Jan 3 Michael D. Turner Djinni Beach
Jan 4 Debbie Cowens The Death Meter
Jan 5 Deborah Winter-Blood Fireword
Jan 6 Dominik J. Parisien Snowparent
Jan 7 Ramon Rozas III Micro-Transactions
Jan 8 Anna Sykora The Meatball of Fate
Jan 9 Paul Graham Fodder
Jan 10 J F Taylor Trophy
Jan 11 Gaius Coffey The Mortician and Mr Grimley
Jan 12 Harry Steven Lazerus The Man Who Executed Socrates
Jan 13 Fred Warren Half
Jan 14 Jay Faulkner The Way Not to Wish
Jan 15 Joy V. Smith Mooving Out
Jan 16 Oonah V Joslin Take v, t, & i (took, taken,-kable)
Jan 17 Ruth Schiffmann Do-si-do
Jan 18 Nathaniel Johnson The Basset and the Hare
Jan 19 G.P. Ching Replacement Parts
Jan 20 Miriam Hall Woken
Jan 21 Matthias R. Gollackner Nothing
Jan 22 Christie Isler The First Burial
Jan 23 Stephanie Scarborough An Undead Day at the Spa
Jan 24 Magen Toole The Mermaid of Warsaw
Jan 25 JB Smith Cleansings
Jan 26 JR Hume Differences
Jan 27 Guy Anthony De Marco Member of the Herd
Jan 28 Townsend Walker An Incident at Golden Gate Bridge
Jan 29 J.C. Towler Bad Smile
Jan 30 Kelly Swimmer The Warrior and the Stone
Jan 31 Mark Robinson Calls From Other Networks May Vary
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