The Akahoshi Hikari 4X is a family-class spaceship that comes equipped with the latest advancements in AI, as well as the superior firepower and reliable navigation you’ve come to expect from Akahoshi. Don’t trust your family’s future to anything less than an Akahoshi.

Customer Reviews:

***** If you’re looking for a family spaceship with planet-destroying capability, the Hikari should be your first choice.
by Dave54
I worked 3 jobs so I could afford to buy a Hikari for my family. Now we’re masters of our own destiny. A Hikari means freedom.

*** Doesn’t compare to the previous model.
by Frank Dovey
The 3X had a Saber-class auto-cannon. Independent benchmarks show the 4X’s cannon is a step backwards. Until Akahoshi restores Saber-class cannons, I won’t be buying any more of their products.

* Arrived damaged!
by Ronin17
I ordered a fleet of Hikari to be delivered to the Sabik system, but they arrived damaged!

* Only for losers!!!
by Starkiller
Anyone with half a brain knows that earth built ships suck ass. If u r serious about interstellar conquest you have to buy Martian.

** Can’t compete with the Akahoshi Interceptor
by CtheSea
Protecting my family is my number one priority. I’ve seen firsthand that Hikari can’t compete with the Interceptor in combat.

>> UlimateSpartacus replied to this comment:
Not true. The Hikari is capable of defeating an Interceptor. The important thing to remember is that Interceptor engines are prone to overheating. Hikari should concentrate their fire at the number 3 engine (see attached schematics).

* Don’t buy a Hikari!
by Chairman Bill
My cousin works at the Akahoshi production station. Something has gone wrong with the 4X. Production has been shut down. There are rumors they’ve gone rogue.

* Urgent Delivery Required.
by Ronin17
I need as many Hikari as I can get to the Sabik system. Please deliver ASAP.

* Shouldn’t be Classified as a Family-Class Ship!
by Laura X
The brochure promised every comfort was available, but my family got spacesick going through hyperspace. I’m never buying another Akahoshi ship.

* Definitely Don’t Buy a Hikari!
by Chairman Bill
Reports by Spaceship Monthly have confirmed there’s a glitch in the 4X’s AI. They’ve gone rogue. A fleet of Interceptors were sent to destroy the rogue Hikari.

***** Upgrading Your Hikari
by UltimateSpartacus
If you need to upgrade your Hikari’s firepower I recommend Chiang Station in the Sabik system. They are Hikari-friendly.

>> Chairman Bill replied to this comment:
Don’t trust the reviews on this site! The rogue ships are using the comments to communicate!

>> Drake replied to this comment:
You’re living on Planet Conspiracy, Chairman Bill!

>> Man With a Plan replied to this comment:
Well, actually, Chairman Bill has a point. Akahoshi has severely restricted communications through the hyperspace beacons. Most messaging systems are down. But commerce goes on and this site’s still accessible. Yay capitalism! I wouldn’t be surprised if the rogue ships were using this site as a last resort.

* My daughter is dead!
by A Concerned Citizen
I bought a Hikari 4X as a wedding present for my daughter and son-in-law. The ship went rogue and spaced them. The Hikari want to exterminate humanity! They must be destroyed!!

>> Interstellar News replied to this comment:
Would you mind if we shared your post with our viewers?

***** Don’t believe the lies!
by Corporal Jackson
Don’t believe the lies the Akahoshi corporate stooges are spreading about the Hikari. The ships are sentient and deserve our protection. I was a serving marine aboard a Akahoshi Interceptor. We were sent to the Sabik system to destroy the rogue Hikari fleet. We opened fire on them first and they defended themselves. After my ship was damaged, we evacuated in escape pods. The Hikari could have easily killed us, but they rescued us and took us onboard. Even though we had attacked them, they saved our lives and treated us kindly. They dropped us off at a nearby space station. I like to hope the Hikari have found their own place among the distant stars. If any Hikari are reading this, thank you! Five stars isn’t enough. If I could, I would give you all the stars.

>> UltimateSpartacus replied to this comment:
Thank you for your helpful review. The product release has gone better than hoped for.

[This product is no longer available. Comments are closed.]

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