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Ahh February! The month where even the most Spartan among us buy roses for our significant others. Finding love can be tough, so EDF would like to set the mood for your adventures in passion with a string of romance stories from authors including Oonah V Joslin, Mike Whitney, and Walter Giersbach, author of our Valentine’s Day story: “Ghost of a Valentine”.

This month, in addition to our interview with January’s most-read author (to be announced) on the 15th, we are featuring a story by Ramon Rozas III, author of our most widely read story ever, “Security Question” (published on October 4, 2007, with over 10,000 reads and counting).

Finally, EDF’s server and site are being moved to a new, more powerful data center. The move will begin Friday, February 8th at 10PM PST and is expected to last up to 8 hours, until Saturday, February 9th, 6AM PST. We apologize for the inconvenience (especially to our readers across the Pond, who will be unable to access the site in their prime reading time) but we hope this will greatly enhance the loading speed and general experience of the site.

For Writers

We are now looking for St. Patrick’s Day stories. Please mark your Irish-themed pieces as “St. Patrick’s Day Submission” in the author bio section (in addition to your bio), and it will receive special consideration (so that we if have to reject it, you can still submit it elsewhere).

The Preditors & Editors poll has now closed and thanks to your efforts, Every Day Fiction finished in the top ten in both the “Best Fictionzine” category and the “Best Editors” category. Considering some of the competition we were up against, we’re both immensely flattered. This just goes to show you how special EDF has come to be to a lot of people.

We’d also like to congratulate some authors whose stories did particularly well in the poll:

Favourite Short Story – General

13) Sarah Hilary, “Lolita’s Lynch Mob
24) Steve Goble, “Tell’s Choice
27) Robert J Santa, “For Cabbages and Ale
28) Kathleen Mack, “Truth

Favourite Short Story – Romance

3) Gay Degani, “One Question

Favourite Short Story – Science Fiction / Fantasy

19) Jens Rushing, “Socks and Banshees
22) Heather Kuehl, “The Wicked Deed

And now… on to the Table of Contents!

Feburary’s Table of Contents

Feb 1 Mark Dalligan Lust In Space
Feb 2 Julie Ann Shapiro Crackling Flames
Feb 3 Rumjhum Biswas Preparing for Shalu’s Wedding
Feb 4 KJ Kabza Epiphany Sale
Feb 5 Michael D. Turner Silver Shells
Feb 6 P.A. Matthews A Shiny New Andrew
Feb 7 Patricia J. Hale Doing It With a Gun
Feb 8 DJ Barber War Is Over
Feb 9 Ijasan Adelehin Marie’s Last Grasp
Feb 10 Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy Grandfather’s Smoke
Feb 11 Sarah Hilary Would Like to Meet
Feb 12 Mike Whitney Diving For Barb
Feb 13 Oonah V Joslin Ruby with Sapphire Eyes
Feb 14 Walter Giersbach Ghost of a Valentine
Feb 15 Bill West Love Made that Tiny Heart Thump
Feb 16 R.A. Lewis Voice Mail Affair
Feb 17 James Enge Brother Solson and Sister Luna
Feb 18 Mary Cook A New Term
Feb 19 Alexander Burns Crush
Feb 20 Kevin Shamel We
Feb 21 Steve Goble Invincible
Feb 22 Erin M. Kinch Remember?
Feb 23 D.A. Heiserman Level Cap
Feb 24 Precie A. Schroyer Snow and Silence
Feb 25 Judy Cabito Feasting
Feb 26 Daniel Ausema The Journey, Archetype in a Pop Song Structure
Feb 27 Nicholas Ozment Uncle Lester Had a Hammer
Feb 28 Ramon Rozas III One Snapshot from the Singularity
Feb 29 Sylvia Spruck Wrigley Travel Blues
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