February’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

Here we are in February already! Whether you’re a fan of Valentine romance or you’d rather that Hallmark holiday would crawl under a rock and die (and yes, we try to cater to both sides here at EDF), it’s always a good month for stories. You may also find that it’s a good month to acquire chocolate by one means or another, or eat cinnamon hearts until your tongue burns — how many is too many?

For Readers

This month, we’re featuring “Our Last Radio Days” by Gal-on Broner on February 3rd, the Day the Music Died.

Then, of course, it’s Valentine’s Day — we have a selection of romance pieces sprinkled through the middle of the month, and on February 14th we’ll be bringing you “My Feeble Valentine” by Lorna Wood.

You may notice that we have a lot of literary stories this month, and we’re a bit short on some other popular genres such as science fiction, fantasy, and horror. This doesn’t reflect anything but the ebb and flow of submissions; we had a lot of literary pieces come in and less of other things. If you’ve been hanging around EDF for any length of time, you’ll already know that bumper crops of one genre or another come and go.

For Writers

We’re actively seeking stories for holidays and occasions in March — including but not limited to spring break, International Women’s Day, Purim, Daylight Savings, the Ides of March, St. Patrick’s Day, and/or the first day of spring — submit your stories for March here (the deadline is February 24th).

This past month, we’ve welcomed new slush readers Mary Casey and Kylie Krummel, and you may already have seen their comments on outgoing story decisions. When you have a moment, check out their bios on the staff page. And remember, everyone on our team is a volunteer, giving time and energy so that this magazine can exist.

And now, here’s what you can look forward to reading this month…


February’s Table of Contents

Feb 1 Cyndeth K. Allison A Funeral in Winter
Feb 2 Michael Snyder If Wishes Were Horses
Feb 3 Gal-on Broner Our Last Radio Days
Feb 4 Tara M. Lee The Nursery
Feb 5 Dustin Adams Remembering Haley
Feb 6 Ken McGrath First Date
Feb 7 Joe P. Squance The Luminous Veil
Feb 8 Kelly Castillo Priority One
Feb 9 Ananya Mehta Inquietude
Feb 10 Zack Peercy A Prelude to Something Bigger
Feb 11 Ryan Patrick Mooney A Kindred Costume
Feb 12 Wayne Scheer Wedge Sandal
Feb 13 Dick Noble Prince Croaker
Feb 14 Lorna Wood My Feeble Valentine
Feb 15 Mickey J. Corrigan Rawhide Love
Feb 16 Rollin T. Gentry She Walks Along the Ramparts
Feb 17 Matthew D’Abate Bar Tab
Feb 18 Judy Hull Life Lessons
Feb 19 Laura Alexandra Hunter The Flykeeper’s Daughter
Feb 20 April Coan He Said, She Said
Feb 21 Linda M. Scott Sleeping Beauty
Feb 22 K.J. French The Seek
Feb 23 Jo Varnish Five Minutes
Feb 24 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Feb 25 Mary Lucille Hays Maybe in a Tornado
Feb 26 Ben Nein Visiting the Crick Stones
Feb 27 Brenda Anderson Declaration by Prisoner 437
Feb 28 Joy Lanzendorfer Murmur
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