February’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

We’ve got a few exciting things going on these days…

First of all, Every Day Publishing has embarked on our first-ever crowdfunding campaign with an exciting anthology project that could really take everything we do to the next level: it’s called Raygun Chronicles: Space Opera for a New Age. Editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt has a fabulous lineup of professional authors committed to the project and ready to start writing (check out the Kickstarter page daily for their Q&A tidbits about their stories and space opera in general, under the Updates tab). We’ve also got a brilliant concept sketch from artist Paul Pederson, and he’ll be putting colour into it as soon as we’ve got the green light. Book production is of course no problem — you’ve seen our lovely anthologies, right? All we’re waiting on is your support… (And if you’re not sure what crowdfunding is or how it applies to publishing, click here.)

Next, Executive Editor Jordan Ellinger is a founding member of the new writing podcast Hide and Create, along with Joshua Essoe, Diana Rowland, Moses Siregar III, and David Dalglish. They’ve already got nine podcast episodes available for your listening pleasure and edification. If you’re a writer, or you might want to be a writer, or you’re just interested in some of the challenges and issues working professional writers face, you should definitely stop by and have a listen.

Finally, we should be receiving our shipment of Advance Review Copies of Lifting Up Veronica by K.C. Ball as early as next week, ready to send out throughout February. If you’re a reviewer or book blogger and are interested in receiving an Advance Review Copy of this novel, please use this contact form to request one. We’re also hard at work on some contract details and expect to have an announcement about the next author and title coming from Every Day Novels.

For Readers

For the week of Valentine’s Day (February 11th — 15th), we’ve got a selection of sweet stories for you from Holliann R. Kim, Jez Patterson, Cezarija Abartis, and Sarah Crysl Akhtar… and on Valentine’s Day itself, just so no one needs to feel bitter, we’re featuring “Mrs. Drake’s Monsters”, a slightly tart anti-Valentine from Madeline Mora-Summonte.

We also have a very special transition coming up. On February 27th, we’ll be publishing K.C. Ball‘s “Drawn to the Glow” as EDF’s 2000th story. Then, on the 28th, we’ll kick off our next thousand stories with “Radaba, Daughter of Rapunzel” by Marie Bacigalupo. This millenary rollover doesn’t happen often for us (every 2.74 years, to be precise — this is our second one), and it feels like something of an accomplishment. Our 1000th story, “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary” by Tanya Byrne, was published back on May 27, 2010.

For Writers

We’re sorry to lose J.B. Michaud from our slush reading team, but we wish her the best of luck as she moves on to other things, and in her place we welcome J. Chris Lawrence as our newest slush reader. We’ve had some great stories from him in the past, including Pushcart-nominated “The Widow’s Tale“, but as he says he’s focusing on longer fiction this year, it’s great to have him on our side of the desk for a change.

We’re still looking for St. Patrick’s Day, Passover, and Easter stories for March — you’ll need to get them in before February 24th to be considered. We’ll be wanting spring stories next, and maybe something for Tax Day in April (deadline March 27th), and Mother’s Day and Victoria Day in May (deadline April 26th).

And now, on to what you’ve really been waiting for…

February’s Table of Contents

Feb 1 Whitney L. Evans Memory Cork
Feb 2 dekhelia Some People
Feb 3 J.L. Smith Rock Island
Feb 4 Jake Teeny The Magic of a New Suit
Feb 5 Martin Cornwell The Safe Side
Feb 6 Pam L. Wallace Like Drowning
Feb 7 A. F. White The Gulf
Feb 8 Lori Schafer Baby and Me
Feb 9 Heather Morris From the Dust of the End of the World
Feb 10 John L Malone Pool
Feb 11 Holliann R. Kim Mrs. Underhill’s Introduction to Dribblyfordshire
Feb 12 Jez Patterson MISHMATCH
Feb 13 Cezarija Abartis Larry and Tilda
Feb 14 Madeline Mora-Summonte Mrs. Drake’s Monsters
Feb 15 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Swallows’ Nest
Feb 16 Ian Breen Bridge and Tunnel
Feb 17 Donna G Omo Seattle Sunshine
Feb 18 Chloe Banks Charmed
Feb 19 Robert J. Santa Third Time’s the Charm
Feb 20 Nathan Good The postman is a creep
Feb 21 Melanie Fletcher Thar She Blows!
Feb 22 Joschua Beres Recall
Feb 23 Peter Jump Understanding
Feb 24 Samantha Memi A Hero’s Legacy
Feb 25 Michael McMullen The Soul (eating) Mate
Feb 26 Peter Wood The Old Man and the Safe
Feb 27 K.C. Ball Drawn to the Glow
Feb 28 Marie Bacigalupo Radaba, Daughter of Rapunzel
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