February’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

Well, we’ve been busy on a number of fronts over the past month…

First of all, here’s a treat for space opera fans: today marks the return of Ray Gun Revival. Every Day Publishing is delighted to be a part of bringing this awesome magazine back, and we’re even prouder to be able to say that as a semi-pro ‘zine it’s attracting some pretty fine authors.  When you’ve finished reading your EDF story today, browse on over and check it out.

Today we finalized our list of stories for The Best of Every Day Fiction Three, and the remainder of our author emails will be going out this week… watch the forums next week for the full list of included stories, which will be released as soon as we’ve got confirmation from all the authors.

If you’re new to EDF and don’t know about our print anthologies, you can find out more on our print books page, and click on the book cover images to get all the details — our book pages have been fully updated to include new online retailers (such as Blackwell and IndieBound), plus links to some pretty cool sites such as Goodreads, LibraryThing, WorldCat and PaperBackSwap. Anyone who enjoys poetry should also check out The Best of Every Day Poets One.

For Readers

Love must be in the air… it’s February, and we’ve got a sweet selection of stories from H Su, Samantha Memi, Michael Batton Kaput and Sierra B. Ryan running from the 10th to the 13th, leading up to James C.G. Shirk‘s “Valentino, Not” on February 14th. None of them are classic romance, exactly, but they’ve all got something to do with love (or something like it). Enjoy!

Sadly, we haven’t got any special stories for Chinese New Year, but we hope that the Year of the Rabbit will be happy and prosperous for you anyway.

For Writers

In an effort to improve our response times, we’ve expanded our team considerably.

Patricia La Barbera, Shelley Dayton, Aliza Greenblatt and Emily Skaftun have been promoted to Editorial Assistants, and we’re delighted to welcome six new slush readers to our team: Nicole Lavigne, Devan Goldstein, Sealey Andrews, Joseph Kaufman, Rose Gardener and Karen Monroe. Check out our staff page to learn more about them, and feel free to say hello and make them welcome on our forums.

Thank you to everyone who applied; we were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to our call for volunteers, and we’re sorry we couldn’t give everyone a place right away, but we’ll keep all the applications on file for future openings.

Here’s some big news: it’s time to get ready for the String-of-10 THREE Micro-Fiction contest from Flash Fiction Chronicles. The prompt for the contest will be posted at FFC at 12:01 AM on February 6th and the deadline is 11:59 PM on February 12th, so you’ve only got seven days to give it your best shot. The first place winner will, of course, be published here in Every Day Fiction in April. The guest judge this year is Michelle Reale.

Don’t forget to send us some St. Patrick’s Day stories, and keep an eye on our Wish List to stay updated on anything else we need.

And now, here are the stories you can look forward to over the month ahead.

February’s Table of Contents

Feb 1 Diane Arrelle Running Away
Feb 2 James Fabris Amnesia’s Dream
Feb 3 Therese Arkenberg The Last Veteran
Feb 4 Sylvia Hiven Right As Rain
Feb 5 Olivia Chadha Squirrel
Feb 6 Errid Farland Amos Waters
Feb 7 Patrick S. Tomlinson Vatican Direct
Feb 8 Andrew Shepperson Son, Water, Father
Feb 9 Sally York The Aunt Alva Punishment
Feb 10 H Su The Love Game
Feb 11 Samantha Memi Fire in the Heart
Feb 12 Michael Batton Kaput Love Story
Feb 13 Sierra B. Ryan The Art of Opening an Oyster
Feb 14 James C.G. Shirk Valentino, Not
Feb 15 Tom Hoisington The Ballad of Chuck Leather
Feb 16 Aaron Polson Soul Marbles
Feb 17 Larry Hodges One Brushstroke at a Time
Feb 18 JR Hume Changeling
Feb 19 Scott Loring Sanders Donations
Feb 20 Kristina Meyer Baggage
Feb 21 Jonathan Pinnock Around the Block
Feb 22 James Kidd Running Away From Home
Feb 23 KJ Kabza Hero
Feb 24 Nila E White Bollyman
Feb 25 A. F. White Billy
Feb 26 Oonah V Joslin Living the Lie
Feb 27 Katherine Lopez Rain
Feb 28 Benjamin Jacobson Anarcho-syndicalist Endgame
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