February’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

On Saturday night, we officially launched The Best of Every Day Fiction Two. Andrew Boden and Fred Warren joined us in Vancouver, Canada, to read their stories and celebrate the book’s launch with us. A fine time was had by all, and photographs will be forthcoming. Book sales have started off in great style — in fact, if you are placing a book order directly with us, please be patient as we are a bit overwhelmed with orders!

In a complete change of subject, we unfortunately need to remind our readers and commenters that commenting on stories is not a right but a privilege that can be revoked. Sadly, we had an incident last month where a commenter was using several identities to have a conversation with himself and validate his own opinion, and we want our community to know that we don’t tolerate that kind of abuse. Luckily, nearly all of you who comment on stories rise above that sort of thing and contribute with respectful and constructive points even when you didn’t enjoy the story in question — which is what makes the comments so valuable and this community so interesting. We know you’ll all help us keep this magazine a place where people want to be published by ignoring the trolls, asking them to keep it constructive, and reporting any abuse if you see it before we do. Thank you all so very much.

And, on another tangent altogether, don’t forget that you can sponsor a story for a mere US$4! If you’ve got a book or blog to promote, what better way to reach a captive group of readers than through EDF’s story sponsorship program — and you’d be helping to support EDF at the same time.

For Readers:

Love is in the air, and we have a trio of sweet stories for you, starting on February 12th with Katherine Lopez‘s “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll”, followed by Evonne Gayle‘s “Love at the Mall” on February 13th, and culminating on Valentine’s Day with the appropriately-titled “Valentine Day” by Madhumita Gupta.

If you like poetry — and isn’t February a time for poetry, if ever there is one? — you won’t want to miss what our sister site Every Day Poets is offering. As a sample of what you can find there, the most-read poems from January were “Biblical Portions” by Errol Nimbly, “Three” by Damien Walters Grintalis, and “Grief Should Travel in a Straight Line” by Carol Ayer.

For Writers:

We’re looking for stories suitable for spring, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Get them in now, and make sure to fill in the “Targeted” field in the submission form so we don’t miss your story when making our picks.

Also, don’t miss our Flash Fiction Chronicles blog’s String-of-10 Two Microfiction Contest! The guidelines were announced on January 24th, but the prompt won’t be released until February 7th, so you haven’t missed anything yet… The 1st place winner will be published here in Every Day Fiction.

If you don’t already know about FFC, you should definitely check it out — writers from around the world share their tips and insights about writing and flash fiction. January’s top posts were “What Would Dickens Have Done?” by Jonathan Pinnock, “Secrets from Blueprints” by John Arthur Miller, and “Is Your ‘BUT’ Too Big?” by Jon Gibbs.

And now, on to what you’re really waiting for…

February’s Table of Contents

Feb 1 Damien Walters Grintalis Let Down Your Hair
Feb 2 Leslie A. Dow Regret
Feb 3 Stef Hall Dancing Snowflakes
Feb 4 Matt Cowens Dead Weight
Feb 5 Dale Ivan Smith Hassan’s News
Feb 6 Nikesh Murali The Photograph
Feb 7 Jens Rushing Le Danse Macabre
Feb 8 Douglas Pugh Augan Ismic
Feb 9 Krystyna Smallman The Small Print
Feb 10 KJ Kabza One-Sided
Feb 11 A.R. Williams Blossoms Weep, Spiders Fall
Feb 12 Katherine Lopez Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll
Feb 13 Evonne Gayle Love at the Mall
Feb 14 Madhumita Gupta Valentine Day
Feb 15 Bruce Stirling The Warning
Feb 16 Douglas Campbell The Destiny Of Archer Deft
Feb 17 Jeanne Holtzman Elvis Has Left the Chitlin Strut
Feb 18 Steve Kissing It’s Good To Be Here, Meredith
Feb 19 Frank Roger Beyond the Final Chapter
Feb 20 Mickey Mills The Accountant
Feb 21 R.F. Marazas Waiting For My Assassin
Feb 22 Thomas Canfield Pranksters
Feb 23 Stacy Post The Big Blue
Feb 24 Kate Sheeran Conversation with a Giant
Feb 25 Stephanie Kincaid She’s a Biter
Feb 26 Deborah Winter-Blood The Miracle of St. John
Feb 27 Mark Partin Souls
Feb 28 Walt Giersbach Last Year’s Icon
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