February’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

Welcome to another month of Every Day Fiction.

As many of you know, we recently launched The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008. We hosted a book signing event for the anthology at Spartacus Books in Vancouver on Saturday the 24th, which was attended by six authors and the editorial staff. K.C. Ball, Lee Beavington, Gay Degani, Andrew LeBlanc, Kevin Shamel, and Peter Tupper signed books and read their stories from the anthology.

The turnout was great, and we managed to sell out of all the paperback books we brought with us. There are still a few hardcover copies of the antho signed by all six of the authors who attended, and yes — they are available for purchase. For more information, please contact us.

You can view pictures of the event (and connect faces with names) on Every Day Fiction’s Facebook page. Leave us a comment and let us know you’ve been by!

If you’ve read the book, we’d love it if you gave us a review on Amazon. Good reviews sell books, and by helping us sell copies, you’re helping to support the magazine!

For Readers:

February plays host to one of our strongest line-ups ever. This month we’re featuring a week of relationships, love, lust, and anti-romance in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, including pieces by long-time favourite Oonah V Joslin and EDF newcomers Clint Wastling and Ross Kimble, culminating with “Objects of Desire” by April Grey on the 14th.

We have several features on our sidebar for your enjoyment, including a list of our top stories (both All Time and Last Thirty Days), as well as a link that will take you to a random story in our archives.

We hope you enjoy the magazine!

For Writers:

We’ve been a little swamped recently with the anthology launch, and frankly, a mountain of submissions. Competition has gotten pretty fierce. If you’re getting published right now in the magazine, your story beat out a huge number of other pieces to make it to our front page. Congrats!

We moved servers in January, so that means you can look forward to the return of features like “Author Pages” and “Most Recent Forum Posts” that were rolled back by our previous host. We’re working to restore these as fast as we can.

We’d also like to remind you that you can obtain a free Author Forum in the EDF Forums just by leaving us a note there, or contacting us. Also, EDF has a writing group headed by KC Ball. Leave her a note in the Join the EDF writing group forum if you’re interested in joining.

February’s Table of Contents

Feb 1 Anitha Murthy Food on the Table
Feb 2 Jonathan Pinnock Mirror, Mirror
Feb 3 saintsally At Cost
Feb 4 Amanda Clifford Bless You
Feb 5 Rumjhum Biswas Hey Crow!
Feb 6 Bill Ward Davy’s Toy Box
Feb 7 Bill Gaythwaite Enough for Everyone
Feb 8 Jacqueline Vick The Membership Drive
Feb 9 Stephen D. Rogers Love Unleashed
Feb 10 C.L. Holland A Chime of Reds
Feb 11 Oonah V Joslin Broadens the Mind
Feb 12 Clint Wastling The Loves of Ariel
Feb 13 Ross Kimble Serve Her
Feb 14 April Grey Objects of Desire
Feb 15 Erin M. Kinch Honor Bound
Feb 16 Erika Day Stunning
Feb 17 K.C. Ball Sydney, Down Under
Feb 18 S.J. Higbee Picky Eaters
Feb 19 Angel Zapata Cheese
Feb 20 Wayne Scheer Rude Awakening
Feb 21 Michael Mallory The Novelist
Feb 22 Greta Igl The Getaway
Feb 23 J. B. Hogan Waiting for the Light
Feb 24 Kevin Jewell Autoclave
Feb 25 Kevin Shamel Cyril Mack and the Very Cold Cup of Tea
Feb 26 Christopher P. Garlington Gone
Feb 27 Gay Degani The London Eye
Feb 28 David E. Oprava Martyr
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