EDF Outages

The Every Day Fiction site was down from 1:00pm to 9:15pm PST today because of problems with our hosting company. Turns out that they weren’t able to handle the number of features that EDF was offering and we were taxing their servers. Instead of doing the professional thing and notifying us that there was a problem, they unilaterally disabled the site, with no warning to us at all.

The site is back online with a very, very limited number of features. We’ve secured a new hosting provider and server, and will be migrating to a new, more powerful home in the next few days. There might be minor outages, but hopefully nothing near what happened today.

Our deepest apologies go out to you, our readers. We are taking steps to make sure that this won’t happen again. We’d also like to apologize to Brian Dolton, whose story, If We Were Briar Roses, was affected by the outage. We will be republishing his piece in August so that readers who usually come to the site in the afternoon will be able to read it.

With apologies,

Jordan Lapp
Managing Editor
Every Day Fiction

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