December’s Table of Contents

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December is a month for curling up  in front of  the fire and reading a good book, or if you’re one of our 850+ subscribers, a time to curl up  in front of  your laptop and peruse our archives!   All stories are sorted by genre, and are easily accessible through our archived Tables of Contents. This month, we will also be rolling out a new feature where you will be able to search for stories from your favorite author. Stay tuned in our forums for details as they emerge!

EDF has now added an online store, with merchandise ranging from throw pillows to  T-shirts  for both readers and writers. Check it out.

Now to the Table of Contents! December is host to some of our favorite days of the year, and we at EDF have lined up some very special stories to match. First, many of you  have noticed that we try to publish something light and funny every Monday–well, we’ve made an exception on New Year’s Eve so that we can publish Oonah Joslin‘s “Resolution”, the perfect end to our year. Secondly, Christmas Eve will feature Avis Hickman-Gibb‘s “The Angel on the Tree”, and Mike Whitney, author of one of November’s most talked-about stories, “Harry’s Hair”, is back with our Christmas Day special, “The Storm”. And last, but not least, your second favourite editor’s* birthday occurs on the 18th and he’s picked a very special story to match: “The Facts As I Know Them” by perennial favourite, Sarah Hilary.

*Camille being your favourite, of course. 😉

December’s Table of Contents

Dec 1 Olivia Berrier Ball Girl
Dec 2 Sylvia Spruck Wrigley The Storm
Dec 3 Madeline Mora-Summonte The Wedding Crashers
Dec 4 Joseph Riippi Catherine
Dec 5 Harley Crowley Star-Crossed Love
Dec 6 Ellie Tupper Garden Pests
Dec 7 Steve Goble Monochrome
Dec 8 Michelle Klein Echo
Dec 9 Jens Blue My Sacrifice
Dec 10 Christopher Kastensmidt The Perfect Couple
Dec 11 Heather Kuehl The Wicked Deed
Dec 12 Rebecca Nazar Homecoming 2007
Dec 13 Katherine Shaw How My Sister Lost the Game
Dec 14 Rena Sherwood Peter and Sid
Dec 15 Brian Laing Biting Off More Than You Can Chew
Dec 16 David Macpherson The Exterminator
Dec 17 Resha Caner The Ditch
Dec 18 Sarah Hilary The Facts As I Know Them
Dec 19 Gay Degani One Question
Dec 20 Pamela McKenney No More, No Less
Dec 21 Lane Haygood Solstice
Dec 22 Frank Roger The Reminder
Dec 23 Albert E. Schindler First Snow
Dec 24 Avis Hickman-Gibb The Angel on the Tree
Dec 25 Mike Whitney The Storm
Dec 26 Bradley Mason Hamlin Ghost Gun
Dec 27 Alice Sabo Fair Met at Twilight
Dec 28 Andy Bolt Identity Theft
Dec 29 David Dunwoody Minotaur
Dec 30 Nicholas Ozment “Spring Funeral”: An After-Xmas Special
Dec 31 Oonah V  Joslin Resolution
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