December’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

At last we are into December, the season of holidays, whether that’s Winter Solstice, or Hannukah, or Christmas, or Festivus, or whatever you celebrate. We wish you the joy of the season, and many, many books among your gifts, and the bliss of time in which to read uninterrupted.

A SPECIAL REQUEST: Some of you may have noticed difficulties connecting with the EDF site lately, and writers may have had problems logging into our submission system. We apologize for the inconvenience, but in some ways it’s a good problem to have — readership and author submissions at EDF have grown so far beyond our original expectations, and what the system and servers were prepared to handle, that we’ve run into some little growing pains. We’re working on it, but what we really need now is some help from you. We’re not going to make like Duotrope, but a little holiday donation to help us keep going would be lovely, thank you! The biggest gift of all, though, would be to find an assistant webmaster to help Steven out. Is anyone out there interested in volunteering with us as an assistant webmaster? We need someone with at least basic PHP skills, and preferably some experience with Cake PHP. The right person does not need to be a writer/creative type, although that would be a plus. We are seriously getting to a point where we need another technical person in order to keep EDF running — please, everyone, spread the word and help us find someone so we can keep publishing these stories for you. We’re open to short-term help on just this magazine, or a long-term friendship that could run into other (revenue-generating?) projects and opportunities. Please contact us if this might be you, and thank you!

For Readers

We’re kicking off the holiday reading with a Winter Solstice tale, “The Cavern” by K. Esta, on December 21st.  On Christmas Eve, we’re featuring “The Gift” by Mysti Parker, and for Christmas Day we have “A Neodymium Christmas” by Chris Behrsin. Enjoy!

We’re excited to mention that “Flowers for Clockwork Street” by Jennifer R. Fierro (published in EDF on August 30, 2011, and podcast on April 30, 2012) has won the 2012 Hawthorne Citation in the Flash Fiction category. EDF’s Podcast Manager Folly Blaine also won in the Short-Short category for her story “The Hero Garden” (which can be found at Infective Ink).

For Writers

We’re happy to welcome three new slush readers to our team: Nicole Dunaway, Kate Sheeran, and Colleen F. Ciccozzi. And since we’ve lost another team member in the past month — Laura Barnett is moving on to other things, with our gratitude for the time she spent with us — we’ve still got one more opening for another slush reader.

December’s Table of Contents

Dec 1 Ruth Schiffmann A Geronimo Autumn
Dec 2 Douglas Campbell Deeper
Dec 3 Gloria Garfunkel Make That a Double
Dec 4 Dirk Knight Barrels
Dec 5 Christian A. Winn Proof
Dec 6 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Set Theory
Dec 7 D. B. Dubuisson Re: Camp
Dec 8 Chad Stroup The Unwilling Trophy Wife
Dec 9 Emily C. Skaftun The Red Sno-Cones Are Not for Sale
Dec 10 Michael T Schaper Never Again
Dec 11 Jabez Crisp Synonym of Discovery
Dec 12 John Palen The Shady Side
Dec 13 Mickey Hunt Deprescience
Dec 14 Rachel J Bailey The Doll
Dec 15 Natalie Zellat Dyen ManFred’s Other Cheek
Dec 16 Dustin Adams The Lives of Anderson Miles
Dec 17 Wayne Scheer Space Cadet
Dec 18 Chris Schramm Wasteland Gallery
Dec 19 Steve Husk Alternate Ending
Dec 20 Kate Hebert Orion
Dec 21 K. Esta The Cavern
Dec 22 Renee Holland Davidson Dreams of Disappearing
Dec 23 A.M. Buxton A Holly Berry Christmas
Dec 24 Mysti Parker The Gift
Dec 25 Chris Behrsin A Neodymium Christmas
Dec 26 Andrew Stancek Distant Thunder
Dec 27 Corrie Garrett Ethics Alone
Dec 28 Rachael Dunlop The Air Above My Head
Dec 29 Charlie Britten My Moth
Dec 30 Frank Zubek The Stapler
Dec 31 Rasmenia Massoud August Is Always Like This
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