December’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

“All we want for Christmas are some new subscribers…”

This month, please make us feel all festive by sharing EDF with someone you know who hasn’t yet found us. You can make our holidays super happy by telling just one person about the bite-sized stories you read every day and encouraging them to try us too — you already know that it’s free to read and easy to subscribe by email or RSS feed (and you can even get the added convenience of a Kindle subscription for only three cents a day!) — and our holiday lights will just plain glow brighter if we make some new friends this season. After all, if each one of you brings just one more person to the party, it will be… well, quite a party.

Whatever you’re celebrating this month, may it bring you joy and love and all good things.

For Readers

For the holiday season, we have a few festive stories for you, from a bit of holiday romance on December 23rd to a post-Christmas nod to having given completely the wrong gift on December 27th. This year, our Christmas Eve story is Alexander Burns‘ “The Fimbulvinter Revolt” — he claims that very few elves were harmed in the making of his story — and our Christmas Day story is “Biting the Hand that Feeds You” by Sandra Crook. And then, moving on to the end of the year, for New Year’s Eve we are featuring “The Year’s Last Man” by Gustavo Bondoni.

On another (unfortunately grim) note, we hope that our readers in the United States will take a moment to learn about the risk of potential censorship that is facing them right now. As an international content provider, we could be directly affected by this issue, and we hope that our American readers will be concerned enough to get involved.

In better news, subscriptions to Every Day Novels‘ first serialized novel, Lifting Up Veronica by K.C. Ball, are scheduled to go on sale December 12th — but we suggest that you keep an eye on the Every Day Novels website in advance of that as there might just be an early bird deal up a few days ahead of time.

And now, back to the eggnog…

For Writers

We are very happy to announce that last month, our long-time slush reader and then editorial assistant Joseph Kaufman was promoted to Editor. With four of us now at the final-decision-making table, we’re seeing a significant clearing up of slush backlogs, and we expect that Joseph’s participation will improve our response times overall.

Happy Holidays!

December’s Table of Contents

Dec 1 Warren Klassen Wind and Rain
Dec 2 Steve Newton Easy Money
Dec 3 Christopher Owen The Year Without A Summer
Dec 4 Bracken MacLeod Khatam
Dec 5 Jennifer Foster Running for the Bus
Dec 6 Jason S. Ridler The Forest Inside the Castle
Dec 7 Sarah Evans Look Me in the Eye
Dec 8 Beth Sears Behind the Paneling
Dec 9 K.C. Ball First Time
Dec 10 Paul Miller Sara and the Moon
Dec 11 Iain Cosgrove Cracks in the Pavement
Dec 12 Samantha Memi Samantha Memi, Spitfire Ace
Dec 13 Haley A Good Guy
Dec 14 JR Hume Alien Cuisine
Dec 15 Gretchen Bassier The Enemy
Dec 16 Sheila Newton Red Hot Boots
Dec 17 Sean Gibbons A Boy in the Rain
Dec 18 Maureen Wilkinson Out of the Blue
Dec 19 Patrick Parr Life from the Perspective of a Smashed Piece of Gum
Dec 20 Rasmenia Massoud Muddy Promise
Dec 21 Caitlynn Lowe A Pale Stream of Light
Dec 22 Tiffany M. Lee The Starsmith
Dec 23 Alice M. Roelke He Gave Me Coal
Dec 24 Alexander Burns The Fimbulvinter Revolt
Dec 25 Sandra Crook Biting the Hand that Feeds You
Dec 26 Oonah V Joslin My Measuring Stick
Dec 27 Andrew Waters The Habanero Gambit
Dec 28 Emily Graff Tar and Saltwater
Dec 29 Sandra M. Odell Far From The Tree
Dec 30 Debotri Dhar Meeting Sabita
Dec 31 Gustavo Bondoni The Year’s Last Man
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