August’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

Well, look at this! We’re getting back on track with a full table of contents for August. I’ll keep this brief, because it’s after 5 AM and I want to get this posted for you — enjoy!

August’s Table of Contents

Aug 1 Karen Jury Closed for Personal Reasons
Aug 2 L.M Brown A House up in Smoke
Aug 3 Jeff Switt Collectora
Aug 4 Lisa Ahn Birdie
Aug 5 Michael Chapey Painting
Aug 6 Ethan Plaut August Night, Field’s Edge
Aug 7 Paula Morton Cheeto Dust
Aug 8 Julie McNeely-Kirwan Familiar Objects
Aug 9 Carla Lancken Joseph’s Blessing
Aug 10 Clare Diston Out of Boyfriend Experience
Aug 11 Harold N. Walters Silas and the Sex Trade Worker
Aug 12 David McVey The Glorious Twelfth
Aug 13 K.J. Chiles Mr. and Mrs. Zordok
Aug 14 Karen Bridges Burn
Aug 15 J.C. Towler, Jr. Bait
Aug 16 Leo X. Robertson Every Hour Was Witching Hour
Aug 17 Austin Ross Our Lady of Sorrows
Aug 18 Stephen Kyo Kaczmarek Anaphylaxis
Aug 19 Leon Kortenkamp Bernie’s
Aug 20 Steve Goldfinger Hospital Encounter
Aug 21 Rollin T. Gentry Selfie
Aug 22 K. Barrett Hello Again
Aug 23 William F Ward Jessie
Aug 24 Jack Curran Clockwork Symphony
Aug 25 Patricia Ljutic The Curve
Aug 26 Jessica Milam Jeromy by the River
Aug 27 Linda McMullen Zinnia
Aug 28 Samuel Buckley Harold Versus The Terror
Aug 29 Elliott Gish The Witch’s Apprentice
Aug 30 Adi Bracken Blackberry Pie
Aug 31 Sarah Priscus Summer Breaks
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